Thursday, August 18, 2016

cool weather is coming {chrissy's socks}

I simply cannot believe that August is almost over! School is back in session and all of the fun Summer activities we look forward to every year have come and gone. I'm not complaining though…. I LOVE Fall. And no, not because of football (obviously). 

Fall means flow-y sweaters, jackets, boots and layering. And I am all about it. All I have to say is Nebraska… PLEASE let us have a real Fall! Last year we basically went from 75 to -5 degrees and the "Fall" went so quickly because of it. 

So, speaking of Fall, I have always been a very "cold" person. Not in the way you are thinking! I mean I am simply always cold! My husband keeps our house quite chilly, and while I have adapted considerably, you can still find me sporting a sweatshirt in the Summer to stay comfortable in here!

Another favorite way to stay comfortable? Knee socks! 

Tell me it isn't the perfect way to stay warm when you are wanting to be cozy at home? And what's better than being warm? How about being warm AND stylin' all in one?! Enter: Chrissy's Socks! 

You guys, I had an absolute blast browsing through their selection and it was incredibly hard to pick a few pairs without buying their whole inventory. For instance… check these out. How fun would these be to wear with boots this Fall? And they are even on sale right now! 

I love throwing on my knee socks after I shower and shave. What better way to stay warm and cozy and enjoy a little downtime? Even my dog loves Chrissy's Socks

If you are in the market for knee or thigh high socks, you must check them out. Chrissy's Socks are made in the USA, super high quality and always free shipping! And did I mention they do custom orders? You can even get your own logo or a team name printed on them. 

All of that being said, there is simply no shortage of variety. 

There's a style out there for everyone! 

You can also check them out on:

A big thanks to Chrissy's Socks for hooking me up with the cutest pairs of socks to get cozy in this Fall! 


  1. How cute are these socks?! Loving all the fun designs, especially the patriotic ones. Perfect for the Olympics and summer holidays <3
    Green Fashionista

    1. I didn't even think about that!! So fun! Thanks!

  2. How adorable! I'm getting excited for fall!