Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Update!

Hi you guys! Summer is definitely a time to slow down and relax. Fortunately for me, my job becomes slightly less stressful in the Summer months (all of our fabulous teachers are off work for the most part!) and I get to catch up on family time and paperwork.

We didn't plan any big trips this Summer (aka no motorcycle roadtrips like last year) because we hit the travel/vacation scene pretty hard for the wedding and post wedding. So... the only thing we really have on the calendar, aside from small weekend getaways, is visiting Clay's sister's family in Lexington, KY this week! We leave on Thursday and I am beyond excited to get to see my precious triplet nieces this week.
Could they be any cuter?

That being said, Sweet & Modern is going on vacation for a little bit! We will only be gone at the end of the week/weekend, but I have so  much to do in the mean time! And... immediately following our return I head out of town for a work conference.

I can promise you I will be taking loads of photos of those darling babies, so follow along on Instagram!

Have a happy {official} start to your Summer :)