Thursday, June 16, 2016

Quality Time

Happy Thursday! Time seems to be moving along very slowly this week. It could have something to do  with the 90 degrees and above daily temps... but who knows. This heat and humidity seems a little intense for early June in Nebraska... and I think we are all hoping this isn't an indicator of the whole Summer!
But anyways.
If you are a Sweet & Modern reader, you have probably inferred that my husband (Clay) and I work different hours of the day, and we also have different days of the week off. This can sometimes be extremely tricky for figuring out how to spend time together. And not just time, but quality time!
I'm not an expert, but I will say that any relationship that is important to you must be a priority. Obviously. Life gets busy, there are one million time constraints, commitments, and of course all of the other family and friends that you want to stay in contact with. We knew, going into our marriage, that we were going to have to put up a little bit of a fight, and also be a bit selfish, with what little time we do get together.
During our engagement, someone told me that I will have to make the time I get with Clay of utmost importance, because no one else will.  I thought that was interesting, and to be honest, I wasn't all that concerned about it. Because of course I would make time for my husband! He is my best friend, and there aren't too many activities that I would prefer to do with anyone else!
But now, I sort of get the concept. While friends and family may care about me,  and even us as a couple, they aren't necessarily aware of how their demands on our time take away from couple time. And even personally, I think we have both had to really rearrange our personal needs to make sure those days are open, and we can be available to each other when time allows.
So... all of this to say... spending time together is amazing. Sundays are my favorite day of the week because we both currently have this day completely off from work. So that means that 5 days of the week (discounting Monday evening) we have about an hour to spend together. And that's just if I can stay awake that late! :)
About two months ago, I stumbled on the Q & A a Day Journal for couples. I've always been a journal-er and I immediately ordered it to see what it was all about.
A little bit about the book: It is a 3 year journal. Each page/day has 3 different year spots, and two spots (one for each person) to journal " a line" (or a word, sometimes!) for that day. There is also a question for each day for us to answer according to how we feel during that time of our life. Some of the questions are funny, some are serious, some are random (what did you wear to bed yesterday?), and some are actually quite thought provoking.
You guys, we have actually had a LOT of fun doing this! Sometimes when Clay rolls in from work around 11:00 at night, both of our brains are SPENT. On a great night, we both have a ton of energy and can stay up late and enjoy a few good hours together. But on a typical night, we ask how our day went and try to sneak in a show...and fall asleep on the couch.
The Q & A journal has been a fun, quick way to add a little more dimension to that small chunk of time we have at night. Instead of just asking how our day was, we can actually learn something about each other.
And, I can't lie, I cannot wait to look back next year at our old answers. I am weirdly sentimental like that and the idea of seeing how our answers will change over a 3 year period makes me excited!
Anyways, I know many people are in situations where they don't get to see their partner/spouse/significant other as much as they would like. I know many friends who have husbands/wives that are deployed, living apart because of work, on different schedules, or simply on the road a lot. If you are looking for a way to add a little more connection to a phone call/or a small slot of time, this journal might be the answer.
And sometimes... the question isn't even the point. Sometimes the point is that we get to laugh AT the question, or each other. :)
Your relationships are important, invest in them!


  1. My fiancé and I have that Q&A journal and love it! I can't wait to look back on everything we wrote one day!

    1. How fun! That's exactly what I am excited for. How long have you been doing it?

  2. This is such a cute idea :) I have never heard of these before!

  3. fantastic idea. thanks.