Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Maskcara Beauty

Hi ladies!

I cannot even hide my excitement about today's post. I have been DYING to fill you in on the Maskcara beauty line. Before we get down to business, I have to tell you a few things:

Whether you like these products, feel inclined to try them, or are already a user, you MUST know that the Maskcara Beauty team is phenomenal. I have NEVER experienced customer service for a makeup line like I have with their team. They have trouble shot application technique, color matching and more with me (multiple times) over the past few months - and always SO friendly! (Thanks Randi!)

Secondly, I received these products from Maskcara several months ago. I refuse to try a make up line (such as this) for a few days, and then try to give you an opinion. I don't know about everyone else, but my skin seems to have a mind of it's own. Some days it is bright and smooth and I would consider leaving the house without makeup. Other days, I would prefer to wear a mask. I always want to give readers of Sweet & Modern an accurate and comprehensive review that spans time. 

That being said, here we go!

If you have been around awhile, you already know I have been a Bare Minerals user for about a decade. I've tried many liquid foundations over the years and been completely unimpressed. One of my readers commented on the blog several months ago about giving Maskcara products a try. I was super intrigued as she stated she was an "ex Bare Minerals user" (Thanks Allison M.!), but also very wary. The IIID Foundation  palette is a creamy foundation as opposed to a mineral powder. Huge change! And I'm not going to lie, I wasn't sure how to feel about it!

The Maskcara team color matched me based off of several photos. They sent the white peach highlight, walnut contour, desert sunset blush and the honey illuminator. When I opened the box from Maskcara, I pretty much shrieked with excitement. (PS- their packaging even smells good… I'm a sucker for packaging!)

I used this handy graphic for the first few times I applied! Super helpful. 
It must be said, if you have never HACed (highlight and countered) there is a slight learning curve. Luckily, Cara is amazing and has this HAC video on her profile. I literally watched it as I was applying the first time. They also included their amazing 30 second HAC brush to get me rolling.

How cute is their packaging?! 

In typical Sweet and Modern fashion, I am going to put together a pro/con list for the IIID Foundation. It's the best way for me to organize my thoughts!


- Cream foundation gives you a beautiful glow
-The colors in this collection are gorgeous
-Maskcara Beauty team is outstanding. Customer service off the charts!
-You can exchange if you color match wrong (love this!)
-Easy to apply - works great with the 30 second brush as well as other brushes you may already use.
-Easy to blend (the pink blender is fabulous!)
-Excellent price point! The entire palette is $45 (highlight, contour, blush and brightener)
-My husband noticed "a good difference" the first time I used IIID Foundation (HA! But seriously)
-Cara has a plethora of learning material/tips and tricks for first time HACers!


-If you have oily or combination skin, I don't think you can get away with no primer OR setting powder.
-I typically have to touch up with finishing powder if the weather is humid
-There is definitely a learning curve with application (especially if you are new to HAC-ing!)

Sweet "makeup hair," right?!

Other things I learned/tips and tricks:

-I was applying the contour wayyyy too low on my face. In one of Cara's tip videos, she states that the contour should never be lower than the diagonal line from the tragus of your ear to the corner of your mouth. And also not near the corner of your mouth. That's a no zone!

-I had to play around with primers that helped keep things in place. My favorites? Milk of Magnesia and Benefit Porefecter.

-I HIGHLY recommend putting the "Vanilla Dust" setting powder on after. It makes all the difference in stay power!

-I admit to struggling a tad with the coverage. Cara specifically states that the IIID foundation is not intended to go all over your whole face. When I use Bare Minerals, it goes ALL over and basically gives me a completely blank slate to work with. IIID has forced me to embrace my skin in it's natural state (freckles and all!) and highlight some areas… and leave some areas alone. I'm still working on it :)

Prior to blending. Also not as angry as I appear. 

So, what's the verdict you ask?! Should you buy Maskcara IIID Foundation? Yes. Yes! In my honest opinion, yes. Am I throwing away my Bare Minerals makeup? Well…. no. For some, that may not make any sense. But here's the deal: I absolutely love that I can now create a defined and "glamorous" look in under 10 minutes with the IIID Foundation. Using the HAC method has the ability to transform your face significantly. But on a humid, hot Nebraska day when I am going to be working with kids… I'm probably still going to slap on some mineral powder and mascara and call it a day. I don't want to worry about touching up my face and looking greasy. But date night? Big day of meetings or hanging out in the office? HAC/IIID Foundation all the way. 

There's something to be said for having an arsenal of products on deck. Basically, my arsenal just expanded ever so slightly and I am so pumped to incorporate an alternative look. So, what do you think? Have you HAC-ed? Does it make you a little nervous? (It did me!) What are your favorite tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments!

Here I am… in all of my HAC glory. 
And on a different day... going SUPER light with the HAC! 

Thank you again to the Maskcara Beauty team for allowing me to experiment and walking me through the HAC process (+ all the other kind things you did!). Your team is truly one of a kind! 

To check out the Maskcara blog, click HERE!
Ready to HAC? Create your custom palette HERE


  1. That looks is really pretty on you! I think it would make my skin too oily though.

    1. I thought that too, but when I use a finishing powder and primer it really works well. Hopefully you can try it and maybe it will work :)

  2. I have always wanted to try this!! ha, when I saw your prior to blending picture, I didn't see the caption and was like hmmm maybe she hasn't figured out how to apply it, but I see the BEAUTIFUL end results. Heading over there now to see the products for myself : )

    1. Haha, that's hilarious. I should have been a little bit more clear about that !
      Thank you so much for stopping by, the whole line is gorgeous!

  3. I love Kara and have been following her forever! It makes me happy to hear that her customer service is amazing for her products!

    1. I know, right?! I have been following her blog for years.. if I am wondering about anything product related, I always search there first. I shouldn't have been surprised by how awesome their business is, but I couldn't help it! They are so nice and fun to work with!

  4. SO pretty! I've never really tried HACing but I really need to! This kit makes it sound so easy too! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

    1. Thank you!! It really is fantastic!

  5. Those products look awesome! You look gorgeous and did an awesome job at the highlighting and contouring! :)

    1. Thanks Cara! You are so sweet. Let me know if you try it !

  6. YESSSS!!! It looks fabulous on you! You look great without it too though

    I'm with you; it's not an everyday thing, esp. the highlight for me. Usually I use the contour and blush (and a powder foundation) if I'm just going to work to give me some color. I love everything I've tried, but the blush I swear is magical haha... I'm light complected like you and I actually really like the ash contour. It's cooler than walnut, but I find myself reaching for it more than walnut lately.

    I've been wanting to try the vanilla dust powder and desert sunset blush! You've convinced me to order them :)

    1. Hi Allison! So glad you saw this!!
      That's a really good idea - I'm with you - the blush is so awesome. What color do you use ?
      That's interesting about the ash! I have it so I'll try it again. In my used it once. The dusting powder works great. Thanks again for your rec!

    2. You are so welcome! I'm really glad it worked for you

      I used dahlia for a really long time and loved it; I'm using pink grapefruit (I think) now!

  7. Okay I've stalked this out on Instagram this was super helpful. (And I love how you prefaced this and explained that you used it for a while before writing a review. I normally would not EVEN read something like this because I don't believe anyone tells the truth, haha.) I'm a Clinique/Bare Minerals girl...and I mostly use the..what is it called, tinted moisturizer basically because I usually hate the look and feel of heavy makeup. But this is to fricking pretty. And one million points for having good customer service! Definitely looking more into this....THHANK YOU!

    1. Hi Morgan! I am with you, I have a hard time "buying" most reviews!
      I also use a lot of Clinique products as well- I think you would really like this and the ability to get dimension without a cake face!
      Thank you so much!!

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  9. I've wanted to HAC for awhile now! These are great tips and sounds like a great product! I also love the packaging and the price point.

    1. Yes, that was me too! I think you should try it! They are an amazing company!

  10. Oh my! This sounds so intimidating, but you look gorgeous with it!! I love how bright and natural you look!!

    1. Sara, you should give it a try, it's really not as intimidating as it may seem. It would look amazing on you! They have so many pretty colors!