Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jazzercise: Why it's not the workout you think!

Happy Thursday! I found out that I have been a day ahead of myself for about 24 hours so, that's always fun! Add it to the list of scatterbrained things I am bound to do before I lay my head down to sleep tonight. But anyways, fellow bloggers... are you ever thinking about a subject and suddenly something else pops into your head and you are like... WHY haven't I ever blogged about that before? That happened to me today.

Bringing me to...Jazzercise!

My experience with Jazzercise started when I was very young. My mom owned several Live Jazzercise VHS tapes that she did with regularity. I remember watching her do them... mostly because it was entertaining, but sometimes hopping up and trying to do the moves as well.  As a very young girl, I was interested in fitness. Whether this be for unhealthy reasons (like poor body image) or not, I don't know. But either way, I wanted to workout, too! Side note: I actually owned a Barbie workout tape. Did anyone else have this? There were a few girls (Kim! Why do I remember her name?) and a weird, animated Barbie, working out. Talk about creepy.

Anyways, I would do these videos in our basement, and eventually moved on to the one hour Jazzercise Live tape. Even though it was admittedly cheesy, it was a GREAT workout. Even in the days of strenuous volleyball camps and practices, I can remember thinking that Jazzercise tape could always get my heart pumping just as effectively. And... I didn't hate it!

When I was in college and living in Lincoln, I made the plunge and joined an actual Jazzercise center. I was nervous, like everyone is their first time at a group fitness class. I was thinking all of the regular thoughts:

"What if I look like an idiot!"
"What if I can't remember the moves.. or.. I fall down!?"
"I can't dance. I will look  stupid."
"Everyone will be watching me mess up!"

And so on. You get the point. I had all of those thoughts! And everyone I know who goes, has them too. But here is the reality of the situation: no one cares. They care that you have fun, and you will! If you can get over that feeling and recognize that the important thing is that you are MOVING, I promise you will enjoy your workout!

I have done a lot of workouts over the years. I regularly attended group fitness, boot camps, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Barre ... and I always come back to Jazzercise! There were seasons of life where I didn't have access to  Jazzercise center, or I couldn't afford to go, etc. But I always knew that if it was available, that would be my primary workout.

Jazzercise is ever changing. It is upbeat, fun, and it's always something new. How can you get tired of a workout that is never the same? I can't! They even have different class formats- dance mix, interval training, strike, core, fusion, strength.... I mean... we do it all!

My husband will vouch for the fact that I love Jazzercise. I hate when I have to work late and miss a class. Jazzercise is as much about getting in an effective workout as it is a mental release.  I always feel better when I leave a class.

I know there are a lot of associations people make with Jazzercise. I hear it all the time! People laugh when I tell them I jazzercise... "Isn't that for old people?" ... I hear a lot! And I laugh, too. Because really, Jazzercise is for everyone. It is adaptable to your fitness level, age, and capability. And's a hard workout! (if you want it to be!)

For that reason, I am always an advocate of Jazzercise. I don't like shoving an agenda on anyone, because everyone has their preferences. But I will always recommend Jazzercise to friends/family who are interested in working out.

Which brings me to some really great news. Jazzercise is FREE in May! Totally free. No strings attached. If you have ever been curious about it, wanted to try a class, or would like more information, May is your month! I would encourage you to check out their website HERE to find out more about locations close to you.

If you are a local reader, I Jazzercise at the Gretna center, and I am a little bit partial to that crew! However, the great thing about Jazzercise (one of them) is that you can go to any center that is convenient for you!

So, have you tried Jazzercise? What did you think? Are you interested in trying it? If you are nearby, shoot me an email and try a class with me! I promise you will have a great time.


  1. I love dance and I love exercise, so I'm not sure why I've never tried this. You've totally convinced me that I need to!

  2. This makes me think of Zumba I use to do it a few years back but am getting back into it. I just joined a class last week.