Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

I thought I would change it up this week and bring you an edition of "Thursday Thoughts,"... because the truth is, I have about 10 posts in draft form that I do not have time to finish right now. :) Just real life stuff.

As much as I love my job, I sometimes wish I could be a full-time stay at home dog mom/blogger! That would be the life. But also, probably not for me.

Anyways, here are some of the things that I've run across this week that I want to share with you all!

| Ibotta App

This is an app that allows you to find frequently purchased items (milk, eggs, bread) at most major stores (grocery, gas, retail, etc.) and then add them to your dashboard. (Sort of like Target's cartwheel app if you are familiar). When you check out, you simply take a scan of your receipt and watch the savings pile up! And you get it back.. IN CASH! No gift cards, no coupons. Straight cash! I have had it for just a couple weeks and I already have $15 in my account just from buying basic items that I would have purchased anyways. $15 isn't a lot, but... it's $15 I wouldn't have had otherwise! Totally cool app, download it for free on your phone!

| Dog bathing

Um... least favorite activity. Usually my husband takes care of this and does it SO much better than I can do, but lately Brick has been rolling in a lot of unfavorable substances outside. I don't know where or how he always finds it, but it calls for an immediate bath. And not always when Clay is home! Brick despises bath time. Showers or bathtubs are out because he tries to escape the whole time. Does anyone have any suggestions for the dog who HATES water?! Check out this face....

| Freaky tornado weather

A tornado basically happened in Omaha yesterday. It was not super close to my location, but my co workers and I definitely saw funnel clouds outside and had to take shelter. I always try to talk myself out of the fear, but tornado weather is so creepy.

| Hot topics.

So I typically (read: never) talk about controversial issues on the blog. And to be honest, I don't discuss them in real life, either. Unless it's with someone I feel close and safe with. I hate controversy and I think there is more to life than whether you agree or disagree with someone about hot topics. But in light of all of the constant posts on Facebook and other social media about transgender/bathroom issues, a friend posted this on Facebook and I was just like...yes. YES! This is the bottom line. Read the article.

| Life

I'll leave you with this sign I saw and snapped a pic of. Because apparently this gloomy weather is making me extra introspective as of late. Ha!

Happy Thursday!


  1. That article was SO GOOD. Just sent it to my mom & sisters :) And I am soooo obsessed with Brick's face in that picture. I hope you frame it!

    See you Saturday <3


    1. he is so ridiculous :) I'm glad you liked the article! :)

  2. Oh gosh, girl, that storm cloud looks so scary! Tornado weather freaks me out! So glad that you guys stayed safe. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday!

    1. Yes, tis the season! :) Same to you!

  3. GIRL. That article you posted is everything!! That's for sharing it!! I hate the tornadoes too. This week was crazy for us - but I'm thankful nothing materialized for us!

    1. I'm so glad you liked it!! Ugh.. this time of year is crazy weather!! I'm glad you stayed safe!