Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Healthy Bites

Hey! So the weekend AND Monday ran together for me and suddenly we are at Tuesday.... whoa. Times flies when you are having fun and working your buns off.

I HAVE to share this recipe because it is unbelievable. Unbelievably simple and unbelievably delicious.

I found this recipe on Southern In Law blog and when I saw the ingredients, I seriously questioned how it would turn out. But since it had THREE ingredients and would take about 5 minutes to find out, I figured, why not?

*disclaimer: I think you may have to use a food processor to make this work. Or something that has similar capacities.

Anyways, if you are anything like my house, you crave something sweet A LOT. Like, after every meal. And in between meals. And before bed.

And when you wake up. So, when I saw this recipe had (again) THREE ingredients that are healthy, gluten free and vegan... it was kind of a no brainer to give it a whirl.

What you will need:

1 cup medjool dates (or dried dates) *I bought the pitted dates my grocer had available. It worked.
1 cup cashews
2 tsp vanilla (I added a little extra. Because I always add extra vanilla) 
Optional: a pinch of sea salt (recommended!)

What you need to do:

Measure out a cup of dates and a cup of cashews.

Pour them into your food processor. Pour the vanilla over the top.  It will look like this. Ew. I almost stopped at this point. That looks like a creature.

Process. I pulsed the food processor until it started to look like it could be shaped. It took a few minutes.

I had to pulse for another minute or so after this picture was taken!
If you feel like it is not coming together, add a splash of water and process a little bit longer. Remove from the food processor. Form into small balls with your hands. Put on a plate and chill in the fridge or go ahead and give it a taste! Seriously.. YUM!


Don't mind my manicure, it cannot keep up with my life.
And... enjoy! Seriously, these are delicious. Thanks again to Southern In Law for the recipe!
These disappeared pretty quickly from our fridge. I will absolutely be making them again! I'm also planning to mix and match this this recipe with some other flavors. Any recommendations?  

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