Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

I am SO HAPPY it's Friday! My alarm didn't even go off this morning... because I didn't set it. Because apparently that's how exhausted I was last night! I hear the weather is supposed to be HOT this weekend and I am welcoming it with open arms! We have weddings tomorrow and I am all about not being cold in my dress. :)
I'm sharing a few of my recent favorites with you all! Feel free to link up or share in the comments!
1. MultiVites
I don't know about you, but taking vitamins is not my strong point. It's hard for me to find a place to keep them where I remember to take them consistently! But that has changed due to MultiVites! I keep them on my desk at work and it is SUPER easy for me to grab a couple throughout the day - sort of like a candy fix!

2. Sunless Tanning @ SunTan City
I know.. I'm probably completely behind on the times, but every time I get a spray tan, I always make an appointment and have a live human being spray me. I completely avoided the machine sprays because I imagined the Ross scenario from the Friends episode where he forgets to turn.. you know?  And I could see that happening to me. Anyways, I was in desperate need of a spray tan this week and wasn't in the mood to bare all for some random lady. So I checked around, and you can spray tan for FREE at SunTan City (if it's your first time!) Wednesday - Sunday. Every week! So I was like... umm yes. Nothing to lose!
I gotta say.. I probably won't go back to my old ways! I did the clear spray which was awesome because I didn't have to worry about spray tan all over my clothes or sheets. AND I could run errands after without looking all weird and orange. And a few days later, I have to's probably one of the most even and natural sprays I have ever had! Sold!

3. NYX Lip Cream "Stockholm"
How many times am I going to bring up NYX Lip Cream you ask? Probably every time I buy a new color that I can't live without. I LOVE this one. It may even replace "Abu Dhabi" as my current favorite.

4. Floral Rompers
I want them all! I am obsessed! I love this look.
I am especially into this particular one...which is not sold out yet...
Might have to pin that..... cleavage is not my forte.

5. Target online subscription
Ok, again, everyone is probably already doing this and I've just been missing out. But for a long time now I have been meaning to start buying all household necessities online. I feel like it just makes sense, ya know? Stock up on toilet paper, detergent, toothpaste, etc. and use coupons. Plus, free shipping and less of me trying to tote around heavy items.
I finally got around to this the other day and was totally confused when I saw the "subscribe" option at checkout on So I checked it out, and they have it set up so that you can automatically receive some of these items every (2 or 5 or 10 or whatever weeks) AND you get a discount for doing so! I mean... obviously! If I don't  have to remember to buy laundry detergent on my own, why not? Totally awesome. So if you are like me and unaware... there ya go. You're welcome!

Hope everyone's weekend is fantastic!



  1. Sun Tan City is where its at for spray tans! I was always afraid of the booth sprays & used to only do airbrush ones. I've had great luck with their VersaSpa booth & it's never turned out orange/streaky/etc. I've never tried the clear spray there but did at Palm Beach Tan once & the color never developed! I'm glad to hear that it works at STC!

    1. I'm glad to hear others have had luck there! I'm thinking I may find myself doing it a lot more often since it is so hassle free :)

  2. Totally did not know about target subscription!! Thanks for the heads up!! I've done Amazon Grocery some but the prices aren't THAT great...

    1. Yes!! It's totally awesome. So far :)