Thursday, April 7, 2016

Confessional Thursday

As a pre confessional to my confessional....

....I confess that I am only doing this confessional because my husband asked me "What happened to Confessional Thursday?" It's good to know I have one loyal reader. :)

Today was a long day at a conference out of town, and after completing my "chores," I seriously had plans to crash on the couch. But after a little thought... I realized I actually have a lot of things to spill!


I confess...

...that I am in love with Drybar products. Seriously, they can do no wrong. I got my first bottle of Triple Sec in the mail the other day and I'm already wondering how I ever did my hair without it?! (More details and most likely a complete post on this)

...I love Sia. It seems like something I would have liked in junior high as well. I love Cheap Thrills!

...I sort of want to get hair extensions. But I know nothing about them. Is it easy to get a decent clip in and it not be ... gross?! I know nothing about this subject matter. It just sounds fun.

...There are few things I look forward to more than a fresh cut. Steph @ Bah Shah salon in Lincoln always gives me my very small trim and I look forward to it every 3 (to 5 ;) ) months. This happened the other day.

...that I don't know if I believe that pills that say they make your hair grow and nails better actually work. I mean.... are they that much  better than prenatal vitamins? Can anyone attest to them working that much more quickly?  I once spent $40 on a bottle of "Hair and Nail" growth pills from Complete Nutrition and literally saw no difference. So, yeah. Not interested in making that mistake again.

...that I don't have any laundry to fold. Yes, you read that correctly. I know that a majority of my previous confessions were that I had so much laundry to fold that I wanted to cry. But I've implemented some changes around this place! (More to come on that as well!)

...I seriously cannot sleep without my husband. I know... cheesy, whatever. But seriously. I tried to go to bed early last night and I basically just laid there for almost two hours until he got home.

...I kept the girlfriend jeans. In fact, I ripped the tags off of them 15 minutes after this photo.

That's it! Okay... now I'm seriously crashing on the couch.

Everyone... link up with Jess for your Confessional Thursday! Or tell me in the comments! :) 

Have a very happy rest of your Friday eve!



  1. Yes to not being able to sleep without my husband!! I'm so with you there!!

    1. I guess it's not the worst problem to have! :)

  2. Wait! Where did you get these girlfriend jeans? I feel like I've been looking for some for like two years lol. And I know absolutely nothing about hair extensions (or anything really) but I did used to wear some back in the day, and I don't know even what brand they were or anything, but I went to this giant wig store and this woman matched pieces for me because my hair was highlighted so it needed like two different blondes, and I used to just clip them in it was so easy. (That might have been the longest run on sentence, ever sorry lol.) I'm just so low maintenance anymore, I couldnt be bothered to even curl my hair anymore lol. I have been asking all my pregnant friends about prenatal vitamins though. Do they really make hair grow faster? I'd give that a shot lol.

    1. Hi Morgan! Those girlfriend means are from Express! And they should still have them :)
      Yes it sounds like prenatal vitamins are the way to go - and more affordable ! :)