Monday, April 4, 2016

Boyfriends & Girlfriends

Not that kind of boyfriends and girlfriends!

I'm talking about the jeans.

This pair from Nordstroms...
I've been crushing on a pair of boyfriend jeans for the last 1+ years and I STILL haven't found any that fit me!

I've tried them on at everyone's favorite places. And nope. For some reason multiple issues have continued to abound: they fit my butt, they don't stay up. They are too tight on the leg and gapping at the waist. I just could not get it right!

So I basically gave up. Then I started noticing that a lot of places were selling "girlfriend" jeans. If  you are like me and wondered what that meant exactly, I'll fill you in.

By fill you in, I mean from my Google research, the "girlfriend" cut is basically a slightly less baggy and slightly more feminine version of the "boyfriend" jean. And that seems to be consistent with my overall findings. One of the things I appreciate about the girlfriend jean is that it seems to have shortened the zipper region. I can't get on board with an overly saggy crotch on jeans. Too boyfriend-y for me.

So this weekend I finally made the purchase. The Express outlet had a really cute, distressed pair that I actually could pull up. They fit a little bit baggy but they also have a feminine cut that doesn't make me feel like I am actually wearing guy pants.

The exact pair from Express that I bought.
The only issue is with the waist. And to be honest, this is an issue for me with regular jeans as well. It's super hard to find a pair of pants that fit my butt and thighs AND doesn't gap in the back. And no, like I tell my husband, I will not wear a belt.

Do I just need to get a tailor and start taking all of  my clothes in for small alternations?

The tags are still on the pants and I plan on trying them on a few more times before I make a decision. All of this rambling to say... does anyone else have this issue? Have you found a pair that works? Fill me in!

Oh, and happy Monday!


  1. Too funny with our coordinating denim posts! ;-) I actually have the Nordstrom pair in that photo & LOVE them! Rag & Bone has the best fitting boyfriend/girlfriend brand that I've found so far!!


    1. I know when I saw that I laughed!
      I will definitely check out Rag & Bone !