Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Blog Makeover + Meet Erin!

Umm... 5 days have passed since I last posted?! What!!!
Sometimes I get that feeling  that I am just "behind." And it starts to overwhelm me. I've learned the best way to combat that I'm drowning feeling is to identify what the REAL issue is before you are taking a small amount of stress and spreading it over your entire life.
And I did. I know for me, right now, my stress is coming from my job. As in the thing I do the majority of the day when I am not here! I love my job. LOVE it. And that is not sarcastic. But also not to say that some days I am absolutely, completely and utterly drained by it.
I won't spend anymore time on that. But I wanted to touch on why it has taken me WEEKS to acknowledge how thrilled I am that Sweet and Modern has a new look! And the only reason that is possible is because of Erin! I asked Erin of Primavera Studio to share with us about her studio, her passions, and how Primavera Studio came to life!
Meet Erin!


Tell us about Primavera Studio. What kind of work do you do?
Primavera Studio is a graphic design company that focuses on small business branding and website building, with some fun projects sprinkled in like ebook and devotional design. At the core of it all is a heart to equip and encourage other women to go after what they’re passionate about and help them create a platform to let that shine. It’s truly amazing how much our gifts overlap, and I love playing on each other’s strengths to create a beautiful end product for a client.

How do you get inspired when you start a new project?
    Mostly, what inspires me is my clients’ story. I love chatting about what fires them up, why they do what they do, and what’s at the core of their brand. Because really, any sort of visual brand needs to stem from a solid heart message and I love walking through that process together.  From there, Pinterest plays a big part in visual inspiration -- building boards, brainstorming, and lots of sketches.

Do you have any life rules you live by?
    One of the main motivators for my design work is the opportunity to stay home and raise our daughter, and also get to stretch my creative muscles on the side. So when it comes to priorities, it’s family first, then work. Keeping that balance helps me stay fresh for new projects and fills me up with inspiration to keep going.

What is your favorite thing right now?
    Favorite thing? Anything?! Well, I’ve recently discovered some chai tea concentrate at the grocery store that’s been changing my hot beverage game in a major way. It’s the little things, right? Also, eyeliner art. Ha! It’s probably a phase for me, but playing with makeup is just too much fun to not mention.

I know from your gorgeous blog that you are also a mama! How do you balance Primavera Studio with mom life?
    I often joke that I run a naptime business, and really, it’s true! When my daughter is awake, I do my best to draw those boundaries and enjoy my time with her. And when she’s sleeping, it’s work time. Some days are harder than others finding that balance, but ultimately I’m super grateful to be able to do both. It’s a lot of prioritizing and exercising that laser focus when I have those pockets of time to work.

Tell us something random about yourself.
    I am totally, completely, a Fixer Upper junkie! Just can’t get enough of that Joanna Gains and her farm sinks ;)
*Me too, Erin! All the way.

What is something you are proud of?
    When I think of what I’m proud to show off, a few things come to mind. My daughter (I’m totally biased but she really is the best), my work, and my community. We’ve done a lot of moving these last few years and handled a lot of life change. When I think about it, I’m proud of how our little family has grown together and bonded during that process of transition and unfamiliar territory.

 Your most treasured moment in the last year?
    Some of my close college friends have gotten married in the last year, and those are truly treasured moments for me. Getting to rally together and celebrate something like that is really special since we don’t get to see each other that often.

Erin, I truly enjoyed working with you and appreciate all of your patience. I have to tell my fellow bloggers: if you are looking for someone to work with who will understand your vision and style, Primavera Studio is IT. My only problem with Erin was trying to narrow down all of the amazing blog redesigns she came up with! :) Erin's work is peppered throughout this post and it is all gorgeous. Check out her equally beautiful website/blog here.


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