Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Recap

So... typically a Friday staycation would be fabulous. But my unplanned Friday staycation involved the flu bug (yes, the real flu. All of it. Including awful body aches that made me completely useless) NOT my plan! And also not a staycation. I probably said 10 times on Friday, "I don't want to be sick!" because I am swamped at work. I actually needed office time to stay on track! It was very frustrating. However... it was 24 hours and done.

How I felt about the flu on Friday.
I didn't feel 100% back to normal (food was not super interesting...) but I pulled it together and we met with friends for breakfast on Saturday, which was amazing. And even more fun... I got to help my friend Ashley with making over her make up kit. She actually threw away her make up bag and started over (hello FUN!) with me at Ulta on Saturday. I'll recap her make up bag in a post in the future!

Saturday afternoon I attended an event in Omaha called Pursuit of Passion. Woo! Sounds interesting, right? It totally was! I was super nervous about going alone and second guessing why I had signed up. BUT... it was totally worth the time. It was very encouraging and interesting :) I would highly recommend! And you can follow Julie's blog about intimacy in marriage HERE.

Sunday I had a baby shower brunch for a dear friend and it was fabulous. Nothing is more exciting than a baby on the way!

The rest of the day Clay and I bummed around... I FINALLY bought these sneakers and am already in love with how comfortable they are! This wasn't the color I meant to get but I was super excited about them when I saw them!

We ended our day with wings, pizza and beer at Oscars (only the best!) And Better Call Saul, of course.

Minus the flu bug, it was a really great weekend!

And now it's Monday. And it's so beautiful out! And The Women Tell All is on tonight. So basically it's a great day.

Did you do anything fun? Buy anything fun? Share in the comments!


  1. I'm sorry you weren't feeling good this weekend, but at least you got some cute shoes! Are they Converse!?
    Kate :: A Little NW Charm

    1. Thanks!
      Yes :) They are the Converse shorelines.... slip on. In grey/white. So comfortable!

  2. Glad you weren't down the whole weekend - ending with pizza and wings sounds fabulous to me!

    1. It was a risky choice but turned out well :)