Tuesday, March 29, 2016

OFW 2016

Fashion Week immediately makes me think about a place that I probably don't belong at... I mean.. maybe two days out of the week I try my hardest to put together a cute outfit. But otherwise it's a free for all over in my closet, and I would say my designer knowledge is slim to none.


I'm totally a girly-girl and the idea of attending a showcase at Omaha Fashion Week sounded super interesting and fun. Since my friend Kristin {A Midwestern Mix} was able to score us VIP tickets -  we collaborated with some of our favorite local businesses to make the night a real treat. And luckily, with Kristin's eye for fashion and designer expertise, she made sure I was up to speed in every area! :)

First things first... Stephanie Moss salon. I had never been to Stephanie Moss salon, so I came in with zero background information. The salon is so gorgeous! It's sparkly and fun and made me want to get pampered!

Second, the staff is insanely kind. Stephanie and Sarah were truly interested in our event, our outfits, and what look we were going for. Ladies, if you have an event coming up - let these two take over for you!  It was SO fun and relaxing knowing that they used their creativity and talents to transform our hair for the evening. And seriously, if you haven't ever had someone give you a blow out- it's worth it.

Sarah styled my hair and I felt so glammed up at the end! She zoned in on what my hair was capable of and I came out feeling confident and ready for the night. (Thanks Sarah! It was SO nice to meet you!)

A big thank you to both of these women who took time out of their busy schedules to make us feel pretty! Also... if you are looking for a new salon, Stephanie Moss Salon is top of the line! While I don't color my hair, the ladies over at Stephanie Moss salon are experts and I would trust them to figure out your best look.

Next -  I want to send a virtual hug out to Sarah Spooner, the owner of Four Sisters boutique. Sarah was amazing and so generous to dress us for the event. She lent her opinions and expertise, and also pointed out a few fun options for us. As soon as I saw cut outs, I knew what I would be wearing to the event. I LOVE THIS DRESS.

Dress & necklace: Four Sisters boutique
Shoes: Chinese Laundry
Hair: Stephanie Moss salon
It was so fun and flowy, yet feminine. I topped it off with this necklace, which added a burst of color to the otherwise neutral palette. I absolutely loved this dress and can't wait to style it a few different ways this Spring/Summer.

You guys, Four Sisters is a gem in Omaha. You can follow them on Instagram and even place an order online (if you aren't  in the Omaha area!) Pop in and let Four Sisters boutique dress you for your next big event, a fun night out, or even to add some cute accessories to your outfit!


On that note, the fashion showcase was totally fun! I am so glad that we went. I snapped a few pictures of the runway - between the gift bags, appetizers and drinks, we had a really great time! I loved that some of the designs were things you would actually wear. ;)

Thanks again to the wonderful people who collaborated with Kristin and I for a fun, local night out!