Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Life Update {Random Thoughts}

I have so many exciting things going on right now, I feel like I am in the middle of a tornado! But.. in a good way. That really didn't make much sense. Oh well!

Random thoughts:

  • We are SO CLOSE to finishing up a little house project that I cannot wait to show you guys! AHHHH! It's  been consuming us since Monday but we are super close to being done.

  • We are hosting Easter at our house! See above. Yeah, bad timing. :) Actually, great timing because we WILL get it done in time for our guests!

  • Did you notice Sweet & Modern looks a little different? YEP! Bear with me while I implement all the new links, etc. And I have more to share on our makeover. But for now, I'm just enjoying staring at it.

  • I LOVE the Pioneer Woman. I swear all of my favorite recipes are from her. So, no surprise that I seriously love her Walmart line. I picked up this cheery tablecloth recently ... and I love it. If you haven't browsed it, she has so much to chose from! I want it all.

  • Random question of the day: what is the  best candle to burn around the house? I'm thinking affordable, burns well and has a noticeable scent. I typically use Woodwick or Bath and Body works. I'll throw in a Yankee candle every now and again as well. But.... I'd love to hear your opinions!

  • I heard that today is National Dog day. I feel like every day is a national holiday of some kind.. but I won't pass up a reason to post a picture of my little munchkin. Who is totally acting like a teenager lately....
Brick with his new nap mat.

One of my favorite pictures from the first week we had Brick. <3

Typical Brick face.

Thanks for hanging with me today... and for tolerating my hectic schedule lately! Have a great Wednesday! 

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