Thursday, March 17, 2016


I am officially blaming Daylight Savings Time for this week. I have no other excuse for my extreme exhaustion. Well, maybe that I stayed up watching the Bachelor and ATFR until 1:30 on Tuesday didn't help, either. Whatever!

We are linking up with Jess at The Newly again for Confessions!

I confess...

...Facebook had to tell me it was St. Patrick's Day. And then I had to dig through my pile (see #4) to find a green shirt. Annoying. PS- Happy St.  Patrick's Day. I have never really celebrated this holiday, minus the year that I was in Chicago for the event. And that was really fun! Facebook also reminded me of this day with this fun green river pic...

...Last night I folded my husband's laundry. But I piled the clothes around me on the couch so I didn't have to move while doing it. Yep, that lazy.

...I've had a brownie sundae every night this week. I really cannot say no to a warm brownie and ice cream.

...Another laundry situation: I have been pulling my clean clothes out of the dryer and throwing them on the guest room bed. For 2 weeks now. The pile is substantial. I cannot find my clothes anymore. I am currently searching for an assistant to help me clean this mess up this weekend.  I cannot tackle the job mentally.

...I was SO happy with the Bachelor outcome. I teared up during the proposal. And I have no problem saying that this was my absolute favorite season of the Bachelor. EVER. 

...and on a related note, I am SO SO SO happy that Caila isn't the Bachelorette. I'm happy it's JoJo,  but more so just pleased that it's anyone but Caila.

...I seriously dread shaving my legs. EVERY TIME! Why is it so hard?!

...I have become the type of person who hits the snooze button no less than 3 times. When did this happen?! I swear I didn't used to be like this.

I'm out of here! Tonight I am hitting the red carpet (haha, not really) at Omaha Fashion Week! It should be a good time and you can guarantee I'll share with you all soon!

Have a happy St. Pat's!



  1. Oh my! That brownie sundae?! YUM! I would agree too that this season was by far my most favorite Bachelor season as well...and SUPER glad Caila is NOT the bachelorette. Seriously, JoJo is so much more...real life human:)
    Kate :: A Little NW Charm

    1. YES! I could not get on board with Caila! She was nice and all but something about her was very irritating to me!

  2. yes yes yes to all of this!!! especially the warm brownie and ice cream. can neeeeever say no to that. Have you ever had/made a cookie skillet?! Similar concept..except you put cookie dough in the bottom of a pan, cook it till its only slightly cooked and gooey inside, then top it with ice cream and caramel/fudge or whatever suits your fancy. literally to die for and dare I say, possibly better than the brownie sundae!?

    1. Omg... that sounds heavenly. I have been wanting to try a dessert in our cast iron so maybe I'll look into something cookie-esque :) YUM!

  3. Oh laundry is the worst. I WISH I had a spare room to just pile it all into ;)

    1. That's a great point, maybe I shouldn't complain :) However, maybe I wouldn't be so lazy if I didn't have that option!! :)

  4. Sign me up for that brownie Sunday plan!! (As I sit here with the laundry still in the dryer from two days ago... because I'm too lazy to fold it.)