Thursday, March 31, 2016

Confessional Thursday

Happy rainy Thursday! At least that's the case here in Nebraska. I'm excited to be back for another link up with Jess @ The Newly.

Time to spill!

I confess...

... "Blue Ocean Wave" is my new favorite candle. I asked you all a few weeks ago about your favorite candles. Well, soon after I was in Bath & Body works to grab a few things and I smelled THIS candle. Ohhhhh SO GOOD! I am almost always a vanilla, pecan pie, make my house smell like fresh baked goods type of candle buyer. But this - this is fresh and an indescribable scent that you NEED for Spring! My only regret is not buying more while they were $12.50!

...I've been battling these weird allergy/cold like symptoms for over a week now! I wish it would turn into something and get it over with! Ugh! I've heard allergies develop later in life and if this is what they are ....  no thanks.

...I have cavities. Yes. Plural. I have had one cavity in my life (probably 15 years ago!) and suddenly I go in for my cleaning and I have multiple (albeit small) cavities! What?! Embarrassing. PS- I do brush and floss my teeth.

...I decided that it was time to put desserts back on the cheat day train. You see, somewhere in the last 6 months I decided...why reserve sweets for Sunday or Monday? How about have a milkshake and brownie every night? Well, my thighs disagree. With Summer around the bend I decided its time to slash those extra cals. And it's HARD! I have to actively distract myself so that I don't seek out some sort of sweet treat every night. I'm sure my body is thanking me.

This cake I made for Easter didn't get entirely eaten. It's been taunting me every night.
What are you confessing this week? Tell me in the comments or link up with us for Confessional Thursday!



  1. That cake looks amazing. I was never a sweets person til I got pregnant. Now I can't stop. So good.

    1. It was pretty tasty! (A Mix and Match Mama special ;) ) I wish I wasn't a sweets person.. maybe someday when I get pregnant it will switch for me! :)

  2. I want one of those candles-I just love the blue jar! And that cake?! Divine!!!! I've had a little bit of a sweet tooth myself lately (thank you Easter candy).
    Kate :: A Little NW Charm