Thursday, March 10, 2016

Confessional Thursday

I missed the confessional last week and so this week, I am FULL of confessions. Well, sort of. My confessionals tend to stay around the same topics.... here goes.

I confess...

...I didn't start working out again until yesterday. After the flu bug took me out I was like blah. For 5 days straight.

...I finally finished off the GS cookies. They are gone. No more to be ordered until next year. It's kind of a relief at this point. My body is probably going to go into shock.

...that I really don't know all there is to know about makeup. I am still learning everyday! I'm not a professional, just a lady who loves to buy and experiment! But...I talk about revamping your make up bag HERE.

...I don't follow politics anymore than I have to. And by have to, I mean the information that people force me into conversation with, or things I see while browsing the WWW.  Sorry, but it's too overwhelming. What I do see and hear sounds awful. And I am not going to subject myself further. Ignorance is bliss.

...I made meatloaf for the first time ever last night. It was really, really good. At least that's what my husband reported.  If you want a new spin on an old favorite, I would highly recommend this one. Ree, you never let me down.

...that I am seriously considering giving away a large chunk of my clothes. My laundry pile every week and storage issues (and trust  me, I shouldn't be having storage issues) is indicating I have more than I need. Has anyone done the capsule wardrobe? Or something similar? I  need a guide.... I have a hard time giving up pieces of clothing.

Thanks to Jess @ The Newly blog for hosting this super fun link up every week. I LOVE reading all of your confessions! What do you have to confess this week? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Meatloaf - one of my personal favs! Good job! I'll have to give that recipe a whirl some time. I just got rid of 2 black bags of clothes...and it felt amazing! Never heart the term capsule wardrobe, but I do use my own similar term - staples pieces! For me, it's a matter of what's a "must have staple piece", "what haven't I worn in the last 6 months", and "what is purely fashion". I had to have a mind set the weekend I completed mine. Good luck friend!
    Kate :: A Little NW Charm

    1. I'm sure it helped that there is bacon in it :)
      That's a good way to categorize things! I think some of the clothes I can't part with that I don't exactly wear regularly I need to put in storage... I'm way too sentimental :) Thanks for the tip!

  2. I have actually never made meatloaf before! I just saved that recipe because you can never go wrong with the Pioneer Woman anything!

    1. Every single one of her recipes is a winner!

  3. I love cleaning out my clothes! It feels so good to downsize and get rid of it opens up room for new things ;) lol
    xx Em
    beauty blether

  4. I've been trying to finish the Girl Scout cookies, but I'm also on a hiatus... because I have a cookie problem that can't be stopped... lol... But actually.