Tuesday, March 15, 2016

{10 on Tuesday}

Today we are linking up with September Farm blog for 10 on Tuesday! I love this link up and the fact that it's 10… ANYTHING!

Here we go!

1. I am currently testing out this scent from Chanel. So far, SO good. It's the most subtly sweet scent and I am sort of obsessed. 

2. Okay, I have heard about the Sigma cleaning mat on repeat. All the time. Multiple blogs. And I was like "Yeah, cleaning your make up brushes suck. I don't do it as often as I should. But.. why is this necessary?" Well… the other day I realized I seriously need to clean them more often. And so when I stumbled on the Sigma Beauty cleaning mat while browsing,  I thought… why not? And you guys… I'm here to say that I'm sorry for what I said. This is a real life game changer.  Why you ask? Before, I would swish, clean, rinse, swish, clean rinse FOREVER (or what seemed like forever) just trying to get the make up out of my brushes. I don't know who invented this thing, but they knew what they were doing. In just a few swishes and strokes, my brushes were totally clean. 

AND… this mat suctions into your sink which makes it super, super easy and quick. It's $20ish depending where you get it. And it is $20 well spent. 

Repeat after me… GAME. CHANGER. 

3. These shoes. That is all. (See #6)

4. In case you missed it… I got to share about what I've learned so far in marriage on Her View From Home yesterday. You can read it HERE!

5. This March weather is making me SO happy. I don't even mind the rain! I thought for sure we were in for another blizzard, and so far… it seems to be legit Spring. I'll take it. 

6. I'm so excited that I can hardly stand it…. A Midwestern Mix and I are going to Omaha Fashion Week on Thursday. As in the day after tomorrow.  Stay tuned for the post that details it all! 

7. Another reason to love the warm weather… THESE TOPS. I want them all. If it's off the shoulder, just sign me up. You can find this top HERE

8. Bad news on the home front: Brick figured out how to get off the deck. We wondered how long it would take him to figure out that an empty cooler blocking the stairs can be moved! It was nice while it lasted. 

9. My extra  hot husband came home with these the other night. I am a little bit obsessed. And as far as I'm concerned, it's practically a health food. (BUY IT. TRY IT.) Target special. 

10. Lastly, a question for YOU! Where is your favorite place to get reasonably priced wall decor? I am ready to start and finish decorating and I am so overwhelmed! HELP! 

Thanks for reading, and thanks to September Farm for hosting the link up!

Have a sweet Tuesday! 



  1. I live Chanel Chance perfume-smells so lovely! My favorite place for wall decor is hands down- Home Goods.
    Kate :: A Little NW Charm

    1. I need to get to Home Goods ASAP! Thanks :)

  2. that shirt! must order now. :) thanks for linking up, gal!

  3. I brought my mom Chanel Chance when I came home from my semester abroad. I second the suggestion for wall decor at Home Goods... and I loved your post on Her View from Home! :)

    1. I am still debating on the purchase!! I do really like it.
      I HAVE to get to home goods this week!
      And thank you :)