Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Winter: The Bright Side


I love seasons. I really do. Having four seasons to enjoy is one of the best parts of living in
Nebraska! Too much of anything and it simply makes you appreciate it less. I think. 75
and sunny all through the year would be a disaster....right?  Okay, I might be in denial. That being
said, everyone knows that winter is the armpit of the four seasons. For lack of better
terms, it is the worst.

Don’t get me wrong. Snow is beautiful. It’s downright magical when it’s falling, and a
white Christmas is unbeatable. But by midnight on December 25, I have long
since moved on. The cold has a way of sneaking in and making my body ache, and my
bones feel like that of an elderly woman, rather than a newlywed in her late 20s. I find
myself searching for solace in a cup of hot coffee and cinnamon rolls. And brownies.
 And hot pizza. Let’s just leave it at carbs. Lots of carbs. 

And then there is my motivation. Or perhaps I should say lack thereof.  With every drop
in degree, my productivity is freefalling alongside of it. Work out? Sure, do I have to
change out of this snowsuit? Also, can I bring my heated blanket?  Getting out of the
door on time? Getting out from under the warm covers in the morning is really asking too
much at this point.

Before you join me in jumping off of a Winter weather related deep end, I have
successfully come up with a list of reasons why Winter can actually be a good thing.

Timesaver grocery shopping
Does anyone else run into the dilemma of trying to tie in their grocery shopping
with other errands? If you have ever put your groceries in the trunk of your car in
mid August, you know that you better be bookin’ it home. You will be lucky to
get there before your milk curdles. But in the winter? Simply not an issue. You
can pack that automobile full of produce (and even frozen items!) and casually
run all of your other errands. Thanks Nebraska! And thanks unbearably cold
Winter temperatures. 
Also, lunch break grocery shopping is a go in the
winter. Need some milk and a few other frozen items? No problem! That produce
will still be cold when you get home at night. Possibly even frozen.  No one likes
a busy grocery store after work. No one. Winter timesaver for the win!

Warm Shoes, Five Shirts, No Shave
This is a less known version of the No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service sign you have
all seen before. Feel free to hang this up in your home over the long winter. Am I
the only one who feels absolutely defeated by shaving my legs in the winter? First
of all, I’m not wearing shorts/skirts/dresses. Second, getting ambushed by goose
bumps immediately post shave is the equivalent of vacuuming while our dog child
is blowing his winter coat. Sorry husbands and general population. The winter and
the razor will never be friends.

Free Pet tracking
Speaking of pets, our little fur baby has a tendency to turn his bathroom breaks
into neighborhood outings.  I recently discovered that I could recover him MUCH
sooner by doing a quick land survey to see where his tracks went in the snow.
You can just call me Sherlock Holmes.

Winter fashion
Hello blanket scarves and knee-high boots! Every season comes with fashion
transitions, and I ALWAYS welcome the chilly temperature change when it
comes to outfits. Having a blanket wrapped around your neck and pulling boots
up your knees just doesn’t have the same appeal in the heat of the summer.

Cozy Corner time
After we got married and I moved in with my husband, I shifted around some
furniture and created something of a nook with the recliner. I have always been a
bookworm, so this new “spot” is one of my favorite places to read. Anyways,
maybe it’s just me, but if it is remotely nice outside, I feel some sort of strange
guilt/obligation to be doing something outside. So you better believe if it is 10
degrees out and I want to have some cozy corner time, I will. And minus the guilt,
at that! Anyone else with the nice weather conscience? Maybe you don’t have a
cozy corner, but we all have indoor activities that seem to not happen during the
warm seasons. And yet another reason Winter can be our friend.

Burning food scented candles
I am fully aware you can do this year there anything
better than the glow of a candle, cuddled up with your loved one(s), while the
smell of pumpkin cheesecake (thanks Target) permeates your senses? I think not.
Sorry, but burning a candle in the summer loses its appeal when you feel like you
are actually living in an open flame.

Brick would like to enjoy a walk without his whiskers frosting over!
And here we are. I know that this list cannot carry you through the entire season, but
here’s to making the best of it and praying for Spring to make an early appearance.  Or record high
temperatures next week.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You read my mind!! I was just talking today in multiple conversations about how I have no motivation with this winter stuff!!

    1. It is so hard! It started snowing here again today and I was like NOOOOO!!!! :)

  2. The lunch break grocery run is my favorite! I love how you just made a list of why this weather isn't so awful! Now I just have to talk myself into believing those things are worth the -20* windchills ;-)

    1. haha! I am sort of talking myself into them as well....

  3. Haha I love this! As it is currently snowing and 10 degrees out here in Michigan, I definitely feel your pain. BUT, I was just thinking today that the best part about this cold weather is throwing on a beanie and not having to worry about how my hair looks, ha!

    1. That is SO true!! It's completely acceptable this time of year!! I have yet to find a beanie I like that fits properly!!

  4. Ah, snow! I wish we got snow more often instead of rain all the time. But our snow turns to ice and a slushy mess! Although, Winter does have it's perks - fashion, scented candles, snow [in our case, rain and the occasional sunny days], and all things indoors!
    Kate :: A Little NW Charm

    1. True, rain can be just as yuck :( But sunny days make everything more bearable :)