Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Unique Wedding & Shower Gifts

I don't know about you,  but the wedding invites and showers have been rolling in like crazy lately. And that can only mean one thing: it's almost wedding season!

As many of you know, we were married this past November. Our engagement and planning season was a whirlwind (basically 3 months and a few weeks) and so I did not have the time nor energy to post about what was happening. Now that the wedding has come and gone, I wish I would have taken the time to share a few things I learned during the process.

We, like many couples, had wedding registries at a few popular stores: Bed Bath & Beyond and Target. There were so many things I loved about the items I picked on my registries. And of course, I LOVED receiving them at my showers and post wedding.

But I have to say, the custom gifts, the functional Ineverwouldhavethoughttoregisterforthis gifts, and the thoughtful specialty items, ended up being my very favorite gifts! Don't get me wrong, I am so very thankful for the items I have off of our registry that make our house more functional and home-y, but if you are looking for a unique gift option for someone else, I've come up with a few of my favorites!

1. This little measuring cup/shot glass thingy 

Who would have thought? Seriously, so convenient. Not only for making drinks, but for those times when a recipe asks for 2 TB of water and you don't feel like walking back and forth between the sink balancing water in a tablespoon. Anyone else? 

I didn't even know these were a thing until I was gifted one at a shower. I also didn't realize how much I would use it. Not that I didn't clean before.. but I have been faced with a few situations post marriage (aka moving the fridge for the first time.. GROSS) and being so incredibly happy I had this little number to make my job so much easier. 

So… same thing as the Euro Scrubby situation. Didn't know I was missing this until I had one. I have always been a hot water and soap gal. My husband tends to be a paper towel and Lysol type, but I think there is something to be said for soaping up a dishrag and cleaning off your counters. Now, that being said, there is nothing more disgusting than a wet washcloth heap in the sink that smells like… ugh… you know. Enter… Skoy Cloth! These things DO NOT SMELL. I repeat DO NOT SMELL. I will use them, rinse, repeat for weeks and it will just dry-smell free-on my sink. And when I feel like it needs cleaned, I throw it in the dishwasher. So easy. So necessary. 

4. This cute ring plate or anything similar!
Adorable, right? I was gifted this exact one. I use it everyday! I like to take my ring off when I put lotion on or if I plan to do some heavy exfoliation in the shower. But I am so wary of setting my ring just anywhere. Freak accidents do happen. I would have never bought this for myself but I love putting my wedding band and engagement ring on this! 

5. Aprons

I know, anyone who likes to be in the kitchen can/should/already own an apron. But I just didn't! Don't get me wrong, I always wanted one. Always. But I couldn't bring myself to spend money on something that is not so necessary. I have his exact apron and am obsessed with it. I was also gifted several others (both purchased and homemade) at showers. And I wear them all! Always. 

6. Specialty products that match your room theme

So, I received this particular Scentsy warmer from a friend for a wedding gift. Had you browsed my registry, you would have found recurrent themes of gold and neutral colored items. How thoughtful to buy something that I didn't register for, but stick to my themes? I LOVE IT! 

7. Custom wall hangings, signs, floor signs, door signs, etc. 


You have heard me mention The Left Handed Letterer several million times, but I'm not stopping! Amy of LHL made this particular sign, but I received several other very cool wall hangings, bottle openers, floor signs, outdoor rocks, etc that were customized to us (last name, wedding dates, initials… you get the picture). And I seriously love it all. If you are looking for a customized wedding or shower gift…. get in touch with Amy ASAP to ask about your custom order. 

And there you have it! What other cool gifts did you receive for a shower/wedding? What things do you wish you hadn't bothered registering for? Let me know in the comments! 



  1. UGH YES! Moving our fridge was pretty nasty, seeing what was underneath :-O I will have to check out that scrubber!

  2. My ring holder was one of my most favorite gifts too!!! I seriously can't wait to get resettled in our house - most of our wedding gifts are still in the boxes because I didn't want to have to repack them.... but I'm so excited to use them!

    1. That will be kind of fun!! It's like getting new stuff all over again!

  3. Love these ideas! The mini measure is a great little gift and I hate that I don't own an apron, I need to get one ASAP!

    1. I never would have thought I needed one previously!
      And anthro has a selection of super cute ones! They are really nice to have!