Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I have to say, I didn't see this one coming! But my job follows school closings and so here we are… snow day #2!

While I am getting a little bit cabin fever-y… the snow days did help me accomplish a few things:

1. All of our laundry is done. All of it! (It's also put away which is a huge struggle for me!)

2. I took a bubble bath. This doesn't happen very often.

3. I made from-scratch cinnamon rolls. It's a long process of rising, folks! A typical weekday would never allow for this!

4. We started a fire and it was cozy… and actually necessary considering our power was out!

More on this… the power went out around 6:30 PM last night. I was home alone (well, Brick was here) and a little bit freaked out. Everything I was doing came to an immediate halt. Luckily my computer was charged up so I did a little online shopping and reading on my Kindle Cloud. Four hours later, our power was still off and my hands were getting a little bit frosty. I was also becoming concerned with Clay driving home. I was excited (and relieved) when he strolled in through the door. The wind sounded vicious and he said most of the country roads surrounding us were drifted shut.

Being the super manly guy he is, he headed out into the blizzard to gather up some wood and came in to start a fire. It was lovely and helped warm things up a bit before we were off to bed.

I don't know how long our power was out, but it was back on when we woke up. Phew!

Super thankful that I still get snow days and for the forced productivity.  :)

Everyone be safe on the roads and enjoy the remainder of your snow day!

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  1. Making homemade cinnamon rolls on a snow day is the best way to go!!! So glad your husband made it home safely!! That fire looks so warm and toasty!