Wednesday, February 24, 2016

San Diego Trip recap

Hi everyone!

I wanted to check in quickly to say that we are back! I am playing catch up and will be for a few days.

 San Diego was absolutely amazing. Hands down one of my favorite cities I have ever visited. We spent time between San Diego and Encinitas and I LOVED both. I couldn't believe how perfect the weather is. It is truly the "perfect day" everyday there. At least everyday that we were there! I'm not sure if I could ever get tired of watching the waves and browsing around town. Maybe if you live there you begin to take it for granted... I don't know... but we soaked every last bit of it in while we were there.

Every morning we stopped for coffee...

Watched the early bird surfers try to catch a wave...

Ate amazing food....

PS- Favorite place we ate? Claire on Cedros in Solana Beach. The Claire Cakes were to die for. The best pancake I have ever eaten!

Hung out at the beach ...


Went to Medieval Times... (still can't believe this is a thing)

Brunched with bottomless mimosas on a Sunday cruise. ..
(our favorite activity)

And relaxed while watching the sunset at night!

To say that we enjoyed ourselves is an understatement!

I played catch up at work all day, and when I got home, the stress started to surround me. Piles of laundry. Dog hair. Floors needing vacuumed. Bags needing unpacked. Out of groceries.

And that's why everyone needs a vacation after vacation!

But I shouldn't complain. We are so thankful we got to take the trip and it was worth every day of chores I am behind. :) San Diego... we will be back!


  1. LOVEEE all of these pictures! So glad you two enjoyed yourselves! xox, Kristin