Friday, February 26, 2016

Hey Friday!

It's Friday and, like every week, everything is exceptionally hard to accomplish. Especially when it is like 60 degrees out! Um... YES.

So, productivity is down, need for heading home and binge watching Fuller House is up, so I am just popping in to say hey!

I have some fun things going on this weekend, some of which I'll be sharing about later... and other things like hanging out with family. Always an A+ in my book!

But real quick.... I got THIS polish in my Ipsy Glam bag this month and I was like WOOO!! (Literally, I did that as I pulled it out.) But seriously, pink polish is just my thing. It is the color that I prefer and it makes me the happiest! And this color is like the epitome of pink.

in "Dirty and Flirty" HA! yes.
It's actually described as "dusty rose." Which I think is true of the bottle... but on your hand it looks a little something like this...

 Until this picture came into my life I wasn't aware that my hands were aging so rapidly! Guess I need to moisturize a little more heavily. I'll do that now...
Anyways. BIG FAN! I briefly scanned their website and apparently they have a monthly subscription to get polish from them. Sounds fun!
Hope everyone has a really great weekend!


  1. That color looks nothing like the bottle... but it's definitely gorgeous!! Perfect spring pink!!

    1. I agree! But yes it is the epitome of PINK:)

  2. Love the actual color! Don't get me wrong, the dusty rose color is pretty too, but I like the actual color much more! But seriously, good thing the actual color is cute...what if it was the other way around?! Yikes...
    Kate :: A Little NW Charm