Thursday, February 25, 2016

Confessional Thursday

First of all, I confess that Confessional Thursday makes me even more aware of how quickly time flies by. Didn't I *just* do this post!? But anyways, here we go again!

I also confess...

...I am probably going to fail at my Jazzercise 35 Day Challenge. Sad. I gave it a try...but busy lives, working late and vacations in the mix do not give me a good chance! It's still sort of possible. Maybe.

I was really working for the tank top! Cute, right? PS - try Jazzercise.

...that my bags are still not unpacked. Are you seeing a trend here?

...I drove through a coffee shop yesterday and accidentally also ordered a bag of glazed donut holes. They were gone within 5 minutes.

...As excited as I am for our kitchen cabinet remodel, I am TOTALLY dreading it. SO. MUCH. WORK. Thank goodness for my mom who excels at these kind of projects.

...that I am sorry for never reviewing THIS lip product. It is one of my favorites! Clay's aunt bought this for me after I raved about it when I used it one day. It is so fantastic! The perfect shimmer, makes your lips feel so good, and smells fresh and fruity! Perfect chapstick/gloss to keep with you at all times.

...that I already want to go back to California. Seriously.

...I am officially an everyday coffee person. UGH! I didn't want this. I used to grab a latte once a week. Maybe. Now.... I drink coffee for the better half of every morning.

Can't stay away.

Thanks for hanging through another week of confessions...
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  1. I suck at unpacking too. I'm presently trying to figure out how I'm going to pack for our trip in April when 95% of my wardrobe is in storage. Sad on the jazzercise challenge. I want to sign up for one of those types of things when I'm back home and settled.

    1. Having clothes in storage is SO hard! You will be so happy to get unpacked :) And I highly recommend jazzercise! It's the one workout I have been able to stick with consistently for years! Always changing and always fun :)