Thursday, February 18, 2016

Confessional Thursday

Wow! It's really that time again. Another week has flown by and with that...  More confessions.

I confess ....

1. That I told myself NO buying girl scout cookies this year. But then this darling girl came to our door last week and now I have several boxes on the way. Just helping out the local troop, right? 

Seriously, I sort of salivated looking at this picture (side confession).
2. That I went crazy at a Target clearance and purchased a few sweaters and t shirts. But all at less than $7 each!! I think it's totally worth it. And it's nice to freshen up your wardrobe at the end of the season. I just hope that I am not wearing sweaters for TOO much longer.

3. I don't know if I believe that "blonde" products actually make a difference. For example, I recently purchased the blonde version of one of my favorite hair products, It's a 10. Is this just a marketing ploy? I'll let you know. 
4. That I haven't packed a thing for our trip. And we leave REALLY early. Like, I might get to sleep for 3-4  hours early. It will be so worth it!

and lastly...

5. That I am almost more excited for our San Diego trip than I was for Jamaica. Yikes.. I know. But I have wanted to visit San Diego for a long time and I am even more excited knowing that it is really HOT there right now! Yes... I will gladly ditch my snow gear for the weekend. Woo!

If you have any must eat/must visit San Diego locations, let me know in the comments!

And on that note.... I will be putting the blog on the backburner until next week! Feel free to follow Sweet & Modern on Instagram @sweetandmodern for San Diego updates!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. you gotta help the cause and buy cookies. those little homegirls are trying to learn what work ethic is! sell some cookies, get a new patch!
    PS-I tried that blonde its a 10 & didn't notice a difference :( I'm sorry! But maybe it will work on you..its been a few years since I tried it last! Have a great trip!

    1. Hah so true. Oh no! Hopefully it at least performs as well as the original
      Formula because that stuff makes my hair so manageable.

  2. Andddddd I just ate Girl Scout cookies. I BLAME YOU! Have an amazing trip to SD!!

  3. Girl Scout cookies - SOOOOO good! Music to my ears...can't wait for them to come a knockin' on my door!
    Kate :: A Little NW Charm

    1. Yes!! I only wish I had a little bit more self control with them :)