Thursday, February 11, 2016

Confessional Thursday Link Up

Super excited that the Confessional is back in business! Jess @ The Newly  is hosting a weekly link up and I am more than willing to participate! Given that I could probably confess to a lot of things... we better get started.

I confess:

1. I have been eating the remainder of this ice cream cake that I made for our friend last weekend. Like.. fork-to-the-whole-cake-while-standing-by-the-freezer eating. Every day until it was gone.

2. When Brick is being super annoying, we started throwing the rope down the stairs and essentially making him "run stairs" until he is so exhausted he will leave us alone. Bad dog mom or innovative dog mom? Not sure.

3. I am on a huge remodeling kick lately. My Pinterest boards are blowing up. Super inspired by this mudroom remodel and have quite an itch to paint our kitchen cabinets! (Already brought to the husband who has stamped his approval on that project!) Thinking about things we could potentially do to the house is SO FUN! PS - Does anyone have any tips on painting kitchen cabinets? I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do but any tips/tricks welcome!

Also loving this color palette for cabinets that I found on Pinterest. Has anyone used any of these?

4. I am OBSESSED with my new Sorel boots. I want to wear them everyday, everywhere. And I purposely walk through the snow just so  that I can be pleased with how waterproof they are. My favorite (recent) purchase!

5. That I have only missed one season of the Bachelor in its entirety. Ever.  So of COURSE I am watching this season. I have to say... I think Ben is killing it as the Bachelor. He knows what he wants and he sees right through the BS. Plus he is a super nice guy!

Image via 

So. Scary.

All I have to say is…team Lauren B. Woo!

6. ….that I don't think I can pull this look off. But I want to. Help!

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Thanks for joining Sweet & Modern for the confessional! Now I want to hear yours! Link up with us HERE!


  1. I hate having the things like the ice cream cake in the house - I just can't say no!!

    1. Agree... I typically do not buy that kind of stuff for that very reason!

  2. I say innovative dog mom- I do the same thing with one of my dogs down the hall. Works every a charm!
    Kate :: A Little NW Charm

    1. Oh I'm glad we aren't the only ones who do this! It's just too cold outside!

  3. My BFF is doing her cabinets in navy and I can't wait to see the finished product!!! That's my recommendation. ;) and that ice cream confession is totally me with the GS cookies!!

  4. I love that hairstyle too!!! You could totes pull it off. If I tried it would just look like a man bun lol