Monday, February 29, 2016

5 Ways To Declutter Your Week (and relieve a little stress!)

Welcome back to the work week! Sometimes weekends are so jam packed with fun that I get nothing done. I'm not complaining, I will gladly ditch laundry, cleaning and organizing for family time and date night. This weekend, I got to do all that and more! And for that I am super thankful.

That being said, I am going to throw a few ideas your way to start your week off right. I've already done a few of them today, so I can promise you they work! :)

1. Chug a glass of water before you eat or drink anything else.
For me, this usually happens right before I am walking out the door. I wish I had to time to leisurely drink some water, but that's what coffee is for. For whatever reason, it makes my stomach and self feel better if that is the first thing I put into my body. Try it!

2. Throw away all of the wrappers and empty cups in your car.
I always put this off! And why? I hate having the clutter in my car. I travel a lot during the day and sometimes my car is my office. It is stressful and irritating to see clothes/shoes and trash piling up. I start to feel like I am losing control! I know it never feels like there is enough time, but pull into a gas station and throw it all away on the way to your next stop. It takes TWO MINUTES. And it will make you feel so much better.

3. ....and while you are there...get gas BEFORE your gas light comes on!
What is it about getting gas that seems like the biggest inconvenience in the world!? Is it just me? It never takes more than a couple minutes, so why the dread? I hate it so much that I will wait until I am running on fumes before I fill up. Today I decided I was going to save myself the stress that was bound to come in a day or so. I stopped and filled my gas tank up. It wasn't even on empty. And you know what? It really made me feel better.
I keep seeing this circulate and it makes me laugh. I am definitely the left person!

4. Trash Walk Through
There seems to be a theme with throwing trash out... but hey. I think clutter makes a lot of us more stressed than we know. When you get home tonight, grab a trash bag. Walk from room to room and throw something away. All of those bed bath and beyond coupons? Trash them. I promise more will come. Take a spin through the bathroom and empty those trash cans as well. Your house will feel refreshed... and so will you.

5. Cross ONE thing off of your to-do list

I keep a running list of general things I need to do. It can be anything from a thought to something I need to accomplish in the next few weeks. Pick one, and do it! Send out that thank-you you have laying on the counter. Pay the bill that is due. Order the prints you have been meaning to for the last 2 months. Whatever it is, just pick one. Small accomplishments are good for your well being.

I'm feeling better just thinking about these things!
Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


  1. Great tips! I actually always leave a wal-mart bag in my car that way whenever I accumulate trash I can just throw it in the bag and then just toss it at my next stop. It helps keep me on track! ;)

    1. I try to do that too! It really is a great way to keep things tidy!

  2. I definitely agree with your tips! I try to clean my car out as soon as I get home from work each day, so that I can start fresh the next morning. Drinking water first thing in the morning is something I could improve. However, I do drink roughly a gallon of water throughout the day.

    Erin |

    1. That's such a great idea Erin! And good for you for drinking that much during the day! #goals :)

  3. Great ideas! I try to keep a small bag in my car that I can put tissues into or small wrappers that may be hanging around my car so it's easy to just grab that and throw it all away at once!

    1. That is very helpful Katie! I need to do it more often!