Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Hi everyone!

This week cannot get over soon enough, to be honest. I already feel like it's been an entire week! And that's never a good sign. But enough of the negative Nancy-isms...

Today we are linking up with Shay for What's Up Wednesday!  And that is always fun!
1. What We're Eating This Week:
The usual. Chicken and veggies. Turkey bowls. Pizza on Mondays. :)
But we are also eating this recipe I mentioned yesterday. Delish!
2. What I'm Reminiscing About:
I am a big time reminiscer  ... for some reason the other day I was talking about the day I met Clay, our first date, etc. Clay probably cringes when he hears me "remember when...?" But it's probably because we co-blogged about it a few weeks ago! :) You can read about how we met from my and Clay's perspective here and here! I love LOVE!
3. What I'm Loving:
These Sorel boots I mentioned last week. And... this week I found this pair and they are on sale! So... it's happening! I can't wait for my feet to stay dry in all of this snow!
4. What We've Been Up To:
We have both been working our normal day jobs and being a boring married couple! And I am not at all upset about it! In addition, we have been planning and dreaming about house projects. None of these are pressing, but there is a list going :) And my Pinterest board is overflowing with ideas!
5. What I Am Dreading:
More snow. Does it ever end? I heard yesterday that we are supposed to get a big snowstorm  next week. I. Am. Over. It.
6. What I'm Working On:
Still working on wedding thank yous. All that to say we are incredibly blessed to have so many friends and family gift us so many wonderful things on our wedding day! I mentioned a few weeks ago that this WILL be done by mid February.
7. What I'm Excited About:
We are planning a few potential get aways for the coming year. I love planning. And dreaming about things we may or may not do. Either way, it's exciting. We are discussing Nashville - neither of us have been. Thoughts?
8. What I'm Watching/Reading:
I'm currently not reading anything due to the fact that I read every book I had on my list over our honeymoon. But I am now watching the latest Netflix season of New Girl. I cannot get enough of that show. Constant LOLs.

And of course Ben. This season.... eye roll. I do like Ben though.
9. What I'm Listening To:
Clay was playing some Americana Pandora station the other day and now I'm hooked on a few songs. I love hearing new artists!
10. What I'm Wearing:
Anything warm. I feel like my everyday fashion is boots, the warmest sweater I can find, and a scarf. And not solely for fashion purposes. I really am just THAT cold.
11. What I'm Doing This Weekend:
Nothing major! Catching up on laundry and cleaning, per usual. And that is fine by me! I love low key weekends.
12. What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month:
Clay and I are going to San Diego! I am SO EXCITED. I have never been to San Diego and have really always wanted to go. We will be spending a long weekend there and taking in the sights... as well as a day of skiing at Big Bear. We are still negotiating on if I will actually be skiing or not... either way... cannot wait!  
13. What Else Is New?
Aside from everything just discussed? Nothing really. We are kind of in chill mode... so is Brick. ;)
Happy Wednesday! Here's to the rest of the week flying by!


  1. I love those boots! I always tell myself I need to invest in a good pair of snow boots & then I just spend my money on other things, haha. I think I'm going to need them for the snowmageddon next week too.

    1. I know ...seriously! Not looking forward to it! Unless I get a legit snow day!!! And I do the exact same thing :) I'll let you know if they end up being worth the money !

  2. I went to Nashville for work last year and it seems like a fun place! If you are into music at all, I think it would be a great weekend trip!! Love San Diego!! That's going to be an awesome trip with Big Bear mixed in. Beach + skiing? Yes please!!

    1. Awesome! Thanks for the info! My in laws just went and said the live music is pretty great so I think we would enjoy it! And yes... Absolutely pumped about the beach and mountains on this trip :)

  3. Stopping by from the Wednesday link up. I love New Girl, definitely one of my favourite! Also love those Sorels.
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