Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Shock to the System

Hi everyone and thanks for checking back in after my honeymoon hiatus!
It is truly shocking to be back and DOING something. Aside from laying on the beach, I have had zero responsibility for the last 4 days, and it was wonderful!
Also shocking is this weather.... and I'm told that it's much warmer than while we were away. For those of you who are not Nebraska readers, it is currently about 35 degrees, but apparently was -10 degrees all weekend. So sorry to have missed out...
So, bear with me while I settle back in to daily life. Stay tuned as I have several new products to review, including an exciting finishing powder and an inexpensive home manicure (that won't chip on day 2!!!)  Oh the things I get happy about....
In the meantime, I will be catching up in my cozy corner. I've referred to this part of our house before, and while it is nothing special, I swear it just makes me happy.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

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