Friday, January 1, 2016

Review: IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye

Happy New Year!

Today doesn't feel like Friday at all! I slept in SUPER late, leisurely had breakfast and coffee, got in a killer workout (Happy New Rear Day with Gretna Jazzercise), took down ALL of our Christmas decor, and have been doing casual (fun!) stuff the remainder of the day. So my vacation day was a success, as far as I am concerned!

That being said, I am THRILLED to review this concealer. As in, over the moon about it. I haven't used a concealer I have been THIS impressed with in a coons age.

While doing my wedding makeup, Renee (Makeup by Renee) mentioned that I should try the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye concealer. I tucked that little piece of information away and reminded myself to buy it ASAP. Well, I finally did a few weeks ago, and girls, this is a must have.

I purchased it in light, because…. hi. I am blonde and practically transparent this time of year. And is there anything more embarrassing than using a concealer in the wrong shade? Yes, yes there is. But for the sake of this conversation, we don't want to use a concealer too dark for our complexions. Yuck. Talk about making things worse. Anyways, this concealer also has collagen as well as vitamin C & K. Which explains why it has a very unique, creamy consistency. At first I wasn't sure, but as soon as I started applying it, I could see why it was so effective.

Since getting it, I hate to do my makeup at all without using it. As I have mentioned before, I am just not a liquid foundation kind of gal, and it has went on fabulously under any and all of my Bare Minerals foundation and other products. I actually think that setting it with my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil has been working famously.

I typically don't do this - I am certainly not a professional - but I had to show you all the brightening effect it has on your under eye area! The right side has the concealer applied, while the left side I left bare. It may be subtle, but to me, it makes a huge difference in brightening your eyes up.

Ladies… if you buy ONE product this month, make it Bye Bye Undereye. You will seriously not regret this purchase! And… thank you Renee for the recommendation!!

Does anyone else have any MUST have concealers? Let me know!

Have a fabulous weekend!!


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