Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Five: Perfume Edition

You guys, Winter is HARD!

During this depressed and frigid season, I rely on the small things to get me through! Not to say that every day doesn't have it's own greatness, but I have a few little routines to brighten my day.

One of the ways I keep morale up is with perfume. Weird, right? But seriously. Smell is very important to me and sometimes having a sweet or floral scent whirling around me during the day makes me cheerful. Call me crazy, but the days I forget to wear perfume are sort of disappointing.

I am pretty sure my husband will also vouch for the fact that I am big into the smell-good. The days that he wears cologne I am like an annoying mosquito who can't stop sniffing him. It's just SO GOOD!

Anyways, I always used to want to be one of those people who wore ONE perfume. And had one "signature scent" if you will. My mom has literally worn the same perfume for 25+ years. Their whole house smells like it. I love that smell because it reminds me of my Mom. But... that just can't be me. There are too many amazing perfumes out there these days and I like to match my perfume to various moods and seasons. (I can't be the only one, right?)

So today I compiled my top 5 perfumes (as of current!). Some of these perfumes I have been wearing for over 5 years....some are newer to the mix. I do not discriminate, and I love adding something to the collection here and there.

1. Burberry Brit
Mmmmm. Old faithful. I have been wearing this perfume since the beginning of college, maybe high school! It has a sweet, musky vanilla smell that I love. It reminds me of Winter. I especially like to wear it when it's super cold out. I don't know why. I don't have reasons for everything weird I do.
2. Kat Von D "Saint"
This was something I stumbled on to at Sephora about 5 years ago. I generally try perfume based on how they look (marketing people must love me!) but this perfume was just an accident. An AMAZING accident. But this stuff smells so sweet... I have no other words for it. It's just like sugar for your body.
3. Dolce by D & G
This is my newest purchase. Last year I sprayed it on while I was browsing through Sephora. At first, I wasn't even impressed. But that night I kept thinking "what is that smell?" And not in a bad way.  I finally realized it was ME! This stuff smells so good. It's so light, fresh and almost POWDERY.
*It's safe to say I will not be hired to describe perfume scents anytime soon*
4. Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture
I love decorative bottles, in case you haven't noticed. They look so pretty sitting there. This perfume is going to be a permanent fixture in my collection, probably forever. It is probably my most worn perfume and also makes me the most happy. Whoever named it is a genius. It is truly juicy. I don't even know what that means, but it best describes the scent. It is like a BURST of amazing sweet and fruity things. YUM. That's all.
5. Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf
I purchased this perfume about 5 years ago because the friendly man at the perfume counter was VERY persuasive. He convinced me that NO perfume lasts longer than this stuff. And in not so many words, he told me that every guy loves this perfume. Well played, perfume counter dude. I bought it that day. Flowerbomb was out of my scent comfort zone. Like my Mother, I tend to linger around sweet, vanilla like fragrances. But Flowerbomb (true to it's name) is literally just a flower explosion in your nose. Personally, I think it smells better after a few hours then it does initially. But that's just me.
Okay ladies (and gentleman), if you are in the market for a new scent - perhaps I have convinced you with my poetic descriptions of these lovely scents.
Seriously though, you cannot go wrong with any of these. If you are looking to add a new perfume in the rotation, or (perhaps!) a Valentines Day treat for you or a loved one.... give these a shot!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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