Thursday, December 3, 2015

We're Back!

Hello! It feels nice to be back on the blog after a little hiatus. Things have been crazy around here and so while I gather my thoughts, I wanted to bring in a guest blogger.

Hi, I’m Brick! This is my first blog, ever.  Bear with me, it’s hard for me to type with my huge paws. So are my ears, but oh well.

I found a picture that my mom took of me the other day. She always snaps pictures when I am busy trying to eat my rope, so it's not very good. Oh well, at least you know what I look  like.

The last few months have been crazy. For starters, my mom moved in with my dad. I don’t know what is going on exactly, but she is here all the time now. Also, there are so many new things to smell. Every day, new boxes arrive in the mail. Mom gets super excited, but then she won’t let me have any of it. It’s pretty annoying. I tried to help her unpack by eating all of the paper, but apparently that wasn’t right either. She freaked out, like usual.

Also, Dad gave Mom his closet and she put all of her clothes in there. And get this… I’m not allowed in there anymore! She is absolutely ridiculous. I think the rule is stupid, so I try to go in there every day anyways.

Anyways, I stayed with my grandparents out on the farm for a week. Not sure where mom and dad were. I kept hearing them talk about a wedding but I still haven't found time to look up what that is. I missed them when they drove away, but then I forgot immediately and chased squirrels for several days. I also rolled in mud whenever the opportunity presented itself. What a week! When I finally saw them again, the first thing I noticed is that Dad is now wearing a ring. I tried to tell him I didn’t think he seemed like a jewelry guy, but he is adamant that he wears it every day. He must be going through a midlife crisis. Wait, how old is my dad? Eh, I’ll figure it out later.

On to more important things. Mom moved my bed to the other side of the room. For like 30 whole seconds I had no idea where I was supposed to sleep.  I heard her tell Dad it made the new curtains look better in the bedroom when my kennel (I hate when they call it that! As if I’m some sort of animal) isn’t blocking the window. She is so selfish sometimes. I guess she does feed me every night though. She’s okay.

Oh, I can’t believe I forgot to bring this up.  Last week, mom and dad came home and were excited and kept talking about something called a “furminator.” I ignored them like usual because most of what they say is super boring. Then dad gave me a bath (hate those) and they started using this “furminator” device on my awesome hair. I’m kind of upset because I was just getting it to where it was super long again, and I felt like it was a good Fall to Winter transitional look.  But.. like usual, they ruined it for me. Now, my shedding is reduced by 90%. (I know because I dug the brush packaging out of the bottom of the trash. There were coffee grounds everywhere, it was wild.) I guess it’s all for the best because now Mom isn’t complaining to Dad as much about my hair being on the floor right after she vacuums (more on that next time, what a frightening machine!)

Anyways, I am hoping my mom reads this post when I am done because my 1st birthday is coming up. Coincidently, it is the same day as Christmas. If they try to combine my gift I am going to absolutely freak.

Alright, well this took me almost 8 hours to type since I just learned computers exist today. My dad is going to be home from work soon and that is my favorite part of the day. I need to get to the door first because Mom always tries to beat me to Dad for the first hug. Like I said before, she is kind of annoying. 

Gotta go!

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