Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015: Year in Review

Hey guys!
With another year winding down, I figured it only made sense to do a quick rundown of 2015. Before I started this, it really didn't occur to me how much happened this year! But... here we are - at the end- and turns out it's been a VERY eventful year!
2015 Year in Review: Part I


  • Sweet baby Brick stumbled into a joint custody situation. At the time, I was living in an apartment about 9  miles away from Clay's house. Since we work totally different hours, Brick stayed home in the morning with Clay, and then I drove to his house after work and picked Brick up. He would then stay at my apartment until bedtime when Clay got off work. I'm sure it was a very confusing time for him. But... for the love... I still can't believe how cute he was.

  • On a more serious note, we lost my aunt Gayle on January 1st. She was one of the sweetest, kind, warm and caring individuals I know. She is greatly missed by my family. Everyday.

  • Severe temps awarded me with a few "cold" days at work. Clay and I turned these days into arts and craft days and this resulted!

  • Clay and I hosted a Chili Cook-off at our house. I didn't take any pictures of the chili (fail).
  • Clay grew this mustache.

  • Clay and I boarded our first flight together to visit his sister, her husband, and their TRIPLET baby girls. This was our first time meeting our precious nieces. Of course we fell in love immediately!
  • We celebrated Easter together for the first time as a family! ;) Even Brick wanted to dress up!
  • May was a popular wedding month for us. Two of my cousins tied the knot and Clay and I were able to attend both events together!
  • My  sweet friend Roxanne gave birth to a precious baby boy, Knox!
  • And Brick crammed for finals.

  • I moved into a new apartment and WE GOT ENGAGED!!!!!! Yes, literally on the same day.

Admittedly, this was one of my favorite moments of the year. Excuse my appearance, like I mentioned, we had just hauled all of my belongings into yet another apartment. However, nothing could change how happy and excited I was in that moment!
Woo! The first half of 2015 was amazing. But not quite as wonderful as the second half. Join me again tomorrow to rehash part 2 of 2015!

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