Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's up Wednesday

I did say I would check in periodically during this hectic time in our lives..unfortunately it has been not so periodic. But, nature has a way of slowing you down and I am home sick, day 2. So I figured it would be a good time to link up with Mix and Match Family and do a What's Up Wednesday!

1. What We're Eating this week…

It's looking like a lot of cereal and toast. And if I'm really being honest,  A LOT of cold medicine. Yuck.

2. What I'm Reminiscing about…

I've been going through a lot of pictures for the wedding slideshow and so I've been very reminiscent lately.
That's me in the middle. I've been prepping for my wedding day for quite some time!

3. What I'm loving…
I have been a pretty loyal wearer of Express jeans for the past several years. They seem to be the only jeans that accommodate my thighs, hips and buns.. while still fitting my waist. I have always worn the "Stella" low rise. The other day, I was browsing the Express outlet (a new addition to our outlet mall) and decided to try on the "mid rise". Well, unfortunately there will be no turning back. I don't even feel like a mom since high rise is all the rave right now. But seriously, not worrying about your underwear showing is the greatest thing ever. And I LOVE this color. 
And no, clearly this isn't me. I am sick… I'm not taking off my sweatpants. 

4. What I've been up to…
Wedding planning. Need I say more? We are 37 (ish?) days out and there seems to be quite a large list of things to do. Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, thank you cards, premarital sessions … the list goes on. But I'm not complaining. It's all fun and getting me to a VERY exciting day to start a marriage with my very handsome fiancĂ©. See below. 

I couldn't resist sharing a few from our engagement session. 

5. What I'm dreading…
It's really hard to be dreading things when it is the most exciting time of your life! Does it count to dread a sickness you already have? I'm dreading the next few days until I am feeling back to 100%! 

6. What I'm working on…
What shoes I am going to wear for the wedding. The perfect bridesmaid gifts. And flower girl baskets! 
Send any and all suggestions my way :)

7. What I'm excited about…
Not to be repetitive but.. 36 DAYS! And I get to be Mrs. Salberg. And our mini honeymoon to Estes. Oh, and decorating our house together. And putting away my new place settings. Obsessed. And our honeymoon in January. 

8. What I'm reading/watching…
Well, Scandal is back on. And I am sucked right back in! I am not reading anything at the moment, but have a few books I am waiting to check out at the library. 

9. What I'm listening to…
"Brother" by Need to Breathe/Gavin Degraw and "Smoke" by A Thousand Horses. Also "Burning House" by Cam. Woo! 

10. What I'm wearing…
Well, like I said, I've been pretty good with sporting the sweatpants lately. Plus, it is getting a little cooler out there and nothing is better than sweatpants in the Fall. 

11. What I'm doing this weekend…
Ladies night at the local winery. And hopefully further settling our new goods into the house. And wedding planning. And hopefully NOT being sick. 

12. What I'm looking forward to next month…
A bridal shower with my family! And a bachelorette party with my favorite ladies. 

Thanks for reading! I'll be back soon and hopefully with more regularity as soon as the madness is over!


  1. What fun! Wedding planning was so exciting to me!
    The engagement photos are so great!
    Best wishes on your marriage & get well soon!

  2. My favorite jeans are the Stella line also. No other jeans compare. I'm still a fan of the low rise, the mid rise don't feel as comfortable to me. I hope they put an Express outlet near me soon.

    1. I still love Stella too! I wish they would come out with more color variations ! The outlet is great :) I hope you get one too!