Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Second Hand Embarrassment: Part II

Welcome back… to my diary. 12-year-old Gina is at it again. Today I would like to share a moment that seemed like a nightmare…at the time. And in my seemingly very dramatic life, it definitely was. 

As you can see, my diary and I are on really close terms this day. Why bother writing out Dear Diary? I clearly didn't have time for that nonsense. 
"Whew!" Did I write this entry during a time out? Am I winded? I am confused. 
No, diary, you seriously won't believe what happened. No, seriously. 
12 year old me: You probably felt like a geek because you ARE a geek. 
Also, your diary doesn't care about your volleyball schedule. Get a more interesting life!

Because I am feeling generous, I am including a visual of 7th grade aged Gina. Yes, that outfit is a product of a sleepover, and could have it's own blog post... but those glasses are the real deal. 

*Legit side note: I would have remembered this event without the verification of my diary. It was very traumatic. This was my FIRST school volleyball game. FIRST. EVER. 7th grade. Literally the first play of the first set of my first game. I should have probably quit immediately at that point. 

Though I didn't go into details here, I vividly remember the ball smashing into my face and knocking my nerdy 7th grade silver wire glasses right off my face. My depth perception must have been sub par. And of course, what I really cared about, was the section of boys from my class laughing hysterically in the bleachers. And yes, they did not let me live that one down. For months. Maybe years. 

If you didn't catch Part I, please feel free to do so HERE. And stay tuned for more- I wish there wasn't. But there is. 

Here's hoping your day has been better than my first volleyball game,

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