Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Review: Face Mask

Hey ladies…and gentleman!
I love a good face mask. It's like a mini vacation, in your bathroom, that isn't an actual vacation. I wish I could afford to get a facial regularly, even once a month… but sometimes you have to be on a budget. Or all the time. But… I have exciting news for those of you who are in the same boat. And it is this little lady….
FREEMAN Feeling Beautiful Chocolate & Strawberry facial mask 
Per a recommendation from my facial gal (when I was still in Lincoln!) I purchased this. The tube is nearing gone…so I feel like I have used it enough times for an appropriate review. I LOVE this stuff! It's the kind of mask that dries "hard" to where you cannot really smile or move your face. For some reason I enjoy this feeling. 

Another bonus…it smells HEAVENLY…mostly like chocolate. When you put the mask on, it feels cold and almost tingly- it is delightful. 
I always let mine dry completely…sometimes 15-20 minutes for good measure. If I have time to kill, I will steam it off with a hot washcloth. Otherwise a good old rinsing will do the trick. My skin always feel super smooth and soft after this. In fact, I am wondering now why I don't get to it more than every week or so. 

And…for only $3-$4 this kind of "vacation" is all yours. 
I purchased this at Ulta…actually that may be the only place you can get it. But don't quote me on that. I just can't find it anywhere else! 

Happy Wednesday and mini vacay to you!

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