Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Current Favorite: Lipgloss

As is evident, I LOVE trying new products. On a trip to Sephora in April,  this anti-aging lip tint was on SUPER clearance. Typically I would not spend $20 on a lip gloss, so due to the clearance I thought this was worth a shot.

First off, this formula seems like your average lip gloss. It is sticky and thick. It doesn't do any of the "tingly" stuff that sometimes happens with corrective products.

I purchased this product in "Plum" and I think the color is phenomenal! I love how it seems to be a deeper shade of my natural lip color, which is essentially what I am always looking for in lip color.

To be honest, I have not noticed any changes in the overall appearance of my lips. Perhaps my lips aren't aging quite yet, and therefore I did not see any changes? I do not know… I DO know that I love this lip gloss for now and that it feels moisturizing as well as provides a great tint!

Will I buy it again? No, unless it's a super clearance product.
Would I recommend this product: Yes. But primarily for the tint, not the formula.

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