Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Current Post

I stumbled on this "currently I am…" challenge and thought I would give it a go. So, here it goes.

Reading…. Unbroken. There isn't much to say as I just started, but, so far so good! I wanted to read it in case I decide to see the movie.

Playing… what? I'm not playing anything. Sometimes I play trivia crack. I actually feel like the constant trivia is making me smarter. Maybe.

Watching… Parks & Rec. Need I say more? Greatest show. And the Bachelor, unfortunately. What a mess.

Trying… I was trying to come up with the greatest cinnamon roll recipe ever, but making 1-2 batches per week became tiring and I am breaking on that effort.

Cooking… nothing lately. I have really been slacking.

Eating… a lot of girl scout cookies. Too many. Embarrassing amounts. I wish the peanut butter patty and thin mint didn't exist. This season of life needs to end, stat.

Drinking… a lot of water.

And I am going to wrap this up by combining the loving, thinking, discovering, feeling, going, smelling, listening to with this fun new life event:

Baby Brick was born on Christmas day and he is the sweetest little bundle of love. Pretty much since he has been here he is topping the charts on all of those things and we are so happy to have him.  And right now he is helping me write this blog.

I sure do love this sweet baby and it's probably time for us to cuddle up together. Goodnight everyone!


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