Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Current Favs: Healthy Snacks Edition

I, like many others, try my hardest to eat healthy snacks during the day. I cannot, repeat, CANNOT, get meal to meal without snacks. I can, but I also become angry. Hangry, as they say. No thanks.

The following are a few of my current favorite health(ier) snack and meal options:

1. Van's Gluten Free "Say Cheese" crackers

My sweet bf had these at his house and introduced me to them. Immediately hooked. I included this little ditty so you can see for yourself..not bad! These are SO good if you have the cheesy, salty cravings going on.

2. PB2 with Chocolate

I love this stuff. I have used it off and on for a while now- I think the chocolate version is delicious though. My favorite thing to do is to make it with slightly more water than suggested and dip apples in it. Such a treat!

3. Caulifower rice

I don't have a photo example of this, but I have been reading a lot about various uses of cauliflower and my favorite (quick) meal substitute is using cauliflower for rice. I process it until it looks rice-ish (the blender also works well) , microwave for 8 minutes or so, and then make it into my favorite rice flavors. Most recently, I added honey, soy and some garlic for a delicious teriyaki "rice." This goes great with chicken!

That's all for now.. give these a try when you have a second!

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