Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kevyn Aucoin Review

I am super excited to finally start reviewing some of the products I have been experimenting with over the past few months.

As always, mascara is a hot topic and I am (and probably always will be) on the search for the PERFECT mascara. The good thing about the idea of the perfect mascara is that it is usually different for everyone. For that reason, it's hard to take the advice of others, because sometimes it wasn't what you were personally looking for.

I really love Lindsey Regan Thorne's blog , she is a make up artist in North Carolina (and a native Nebraskan girl!) with a lot of awesome product reviews and beautiful make up (and style) creations. In short, check out her blog.

Anyways,  a couple months ago I read a post she had written about mascara (read here). In the post she talked about her mascara journey…. Better Than Sex, They're Real, Sephora brands, drug store brands… on and on. Same story over here, so naturally I was very intrigued when she said that she tried the Kevyn Aucoin mascara and it totally blew the previous products out of the water.

So a few weeks later I was hanging out with my sister and blabbing about make up and products and new things I want to try. Being the ever so attentive sister she is, she somehow remembered this mascara I mentioned on "some blog" I was talking about (good listening skills!) and went ahead and ordered me the mascara. She gave it to me on Christmas and I was SO pumped to try it. I've been using it since then, and I feel like I have enough data to work with at this point to talk about it.

Before I review it from my perspective, here is what I look for in an ideal mascara:

1) Length. Extreme length. 

2) Moderate volume. Thicken things up. 

3) No clumping!

4) Somewhat firm bristles on the brush for a smooth application.

5) Doesn't flake off halfway through the day.

There are a few other qualities that can be helpful, but these are the nuts and bolts of a good mascara (in my opinion).

So, here it is. I am SUPER disappointed to say I don't feel like it met my expectations. One of the things Lindsey mentioned in her blog was how long the travel size tube had lasted her. I have had the regular sized tube for just over a month and I feel like it is already drying up and really difficult to apply.

My first few applications were good. I felt like the formula was decent, application was "ok," and I got enough volume. I was unimpressed with the length (I still feel like nothing compares to the length I can get from "They're Real.")  The more I have used it (which has been almost daily) I feel like it gets harder and harder to apply, and there is not much left on my eyelashes by the end of an 8 hour workday.

I wanted this to work out SO badly… but it just didn't. Unfortunately Kevyn Aucoin and I will be ending our short affair after this tube is officially out. Bummer….

BUT, it doesn't end here. There are a million mascaras out there that I haven't tried yet! And believe me, I will keep hunting.

As always, if you have any favorite mascaras that you would like to recommend, send them this way!


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