Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What Not To Watch: Movie Edition

Today we are switchin' it up... don't worry, I have a lot to say about lipstick and hair mousse, but today we are going to discuss a little issue I am having.

I LOVE  a good movie. Love it. Going to movies is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy arriving right on time so that I can see every preview, smuggling in various food items (I've managed several difficult feats including Valentino's and frozen yogurt), and the overall atmosphere and excitement of what is to come.

Unfortunately, I can't recall the last time I walked out of a theater just THRILLED and excited and amazed by a great movie. What is going on? Am I becoming a harsh critic or have the recent movie releases just really, really....sucked?

Sunday evening equaled date night in my little world and we browsed the movie selection prior, carefully critiquing and viewing several different trailers. I am typically up for a comedy and on this particular night, we chose Tammy (starring Melissa McCarthy) expecting her to deliver something hilarious (I am thinking Bridesmaids style).
Well gang, (as my Dad would say) let's just cut to the chase: don't waste your time. If you saw the previews, commercials and movie trailers, turns out you saw everything funny about the movie. There were a few parts (seen in the previews) that I genuinely laughed out loud at, but for the other 80% of the movie I was just wishing it would get over with. The movie takes several weird turns for the serious side as well. Whatever happened to your good, old fashioned, straight up comedy? A few parts of the movie became so serious that I started drifting off into a candy coma. Just kidding, I didn't even smuggle candy in...AKA horrible decision. I couldn't even eat my sorrow away with this one. 

Anywho, long story short, save yourself the money and time and make a better selection than we did. 
This is an I'm-bored-on-a-Friday night-and-am-going-to-hit-the-Redbox selection...maybe. Honestly, you could probably do better. 

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