Monday, July 7, 2014

The Covert Affair

I am a die hard Naked 1 & 2 palette fan. I don’t have 3, or else I would probably rave about that, too. I love them and encourage everyone I know to purchase them.

I say all of this because I think I am feeling a little guilty about my recent betrayal. I haven’t purchased an eye shadow (aside from when I bought #2 last year) in several years. I just haven’t felt the need…

So,  I was in Bare Escentuals getting a routine color match on my foundation, and the next thing I know the sales associate is doing my eyes, lips and a full face of makeup. I wasn’t really complaining of course, but she thought it would be a fun idea to try purple eye shadow. I told her to go for it because I had plans to work out and I knew it wouldn’t matter if I looked like a toddler who got into the makeup drawer afterwards.

I’m sure you can guess what happened… I’ll save you the long drawn out story… I really liked the purple. It is a Bare Escentuals palate called “The Covert Affair” featuring Air (a satin taupe) and Catch Me If… (a rich mauve shade). 

Since I felt bad about not purchasing the foundation ( I already had the one she matched me with at home) I felt some sort of obligation to make a purchase after all of her hard work. After leaving I was very annoyed with myself for spending $20 on two little colors that I probably would never wear. In an effort to make myself feel better, I decided I WOULD wear it. All the time. And I just have to say...this stuff is pretty awesome! I usually wear it to work, and so I don’t bother with a primer, and I am FULLY impressed with its stay power! At the end of a work day, I rarely have any creasing and its still looking nice and shimmery. I would say that’s quite a feat when its 100 degrees with 90% humidity in Nebraska these days.

So… bottom line, big fan! If you are looking for some fun new colors, venture out and have them sample a few shades until you find one you like. They are pretty good at picking a flattering shade particular to you!  And what better way to wrap up a Monday after a holiday weekend than a new eye shadow? That’s what I thought….

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