Friday, April 4, 2014


I have some pretty fantastic friends. And they sure do know me well.
Remember Kate?

Kate & I pre wedding waiting around. Her makeup=flawless. In the word's of Kate... "Obsessed." 

And while we are at it, the happy couple post nuptials. Have you seen a more gorgeous duo? Ashley was a stunning bride! 

Yes, the same Kate who so graciously handed over her NARS blush? Well... I got to see Kate at a bridesmaid lunch last weekend and she surprised me with my (first) Butter polish!
My new polish in "Primrose Hill Picnic"

Lauren from Lauren Elizabeth always references her love for Butter polish and I have actually been dying to try it. I just...haven't. It's not surprising that Kate picked this up for me. We roll on the same product obsessed wave length and I was absolutely thrilled.

But nothing can top how excited I was AFTER using this product! Kate's (and others) rave reviews are definitely legitimate. This polish goes on (literally) like butter! So smooth and easy to apply. And DRY in minutes. Minutes!!!! As in 2-3.  I didn't even use a top coat.

I might as well not delay the inevitable... going to need this in every shade of pink, stat.

Thanks Kate! ;)

PS- If you haven't tried butter... it's about that time!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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