Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Product Review: AG Hair Cosmetics "Sleeek"

First of all, I think maybe I should give a shout out to Beauty First for having so many awesome samples and giveaways! I have found some products that I really love as a result of this, and plus, it's always great to get to try new things. 

This month, Beauty First hooked me up with AG "sleeek" (yes, thats 3 'e's' people) Argan Conditioner. 

"sleeek" claims to be...

"truly transformative, this rich conditioner turns course, kinky hair into sleek and smooth." 

Can we pause for a second, and just talk about the people who write the descriptions on products? OF COURSE I am going to buy it when you say it like that! That would be a fun job. Anywho, moving on. 

Since I only had the conditioner, I washed my hair on this particular day with Biolage hydrating shampoo. I used the sample of the AG "sleeek" post shampoo. 

My first indication of how a conditioner treats my hair is always when I start combing my hair out. My hair SURPRISINGLY untangled very easily. Another thing I noted was how quickly my hair was drying, before I could even get to my blow dryer. ( I believe this is fairly common with Argan products). Anyways, I love that. Less work under the heat for me. 

So, fast forward, typically when I blow dry my hair, I get a significant amount of frizz that I have to deal with afterwards (if I don't use any blow dry spray products, which I didn't). However, on this day, my hair was so smooth! It wasn't perfectly straight or without ANY frizz, but there was an obvious improvement. 

I'm impressed! Maybe it doesn't take a lot to impress me in the product world, but my hair is generally wavy and frizzy before I take things into my own hands, so I think this was a pretty positive change. 

Lastly, my hair had a really fresh, light smell that I couldn't place exactly. Scent is a selling point for me however, and so this was important! 

Conclusion: YES. I would recommend this product. I am not sure how it would hold up as a daily use conditioner (I am thinking maybe your hair would start to get a little oily, depending on hair type). However, I would for sure use this stuff again when I am needing to get my hair under control! Good stuff. 

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