Monday, February 10, 2014

The Small Things...

It really is always the small things that are the most meaningful.

This past weekend I was able to celebrate one of my closest friend's bachelorette party, and subsequently catch up with a lot of friends.

Sometimes there is nothing better than a full day of girl time-- and we certainly maxed out on that. Lunch, pedicures, supper* (see below), drinks, presents, out on the town...all in all, a GREAT day.

Maybe it's just me, but one of my favorite things is getting ready to go out together. The bathroom is packed with products, make up, curling irons, hair spray... and there is a lot of chatter. I can see how this actually sounds like a nightmare, but it makes me nostalgic for college days when getting ready together in a bathroom, with multiple other girls, was the norm.

It helps that I get strangely excited about new products and make up, so naturally this setting has a certain appeal to me.

Anyways, my good friend (and also ex roommate) Kate and I share a love for make up. We both received Naked2 for Christmas (YAY) and have discussed our passion for other products that we both believe are absolutely mandatory. Kate told me at one of our workout sessions that she also received NARS blush in Orgasm. Like so many of my favorite items, I have read that this blush is simply THE BEST. To be honest, I typically do not even wear blush as my bronzer (or warmth in Bare Minerals terms) does a pretty good job. But, regardless, it's good to have a blush handy. It was just one of those purchases I had not made yet. Of course, I was envious (in the healthiest way possible :) ) that Kate already had the blush.

So- as Kate and I are rustling in each other's supplies and comparing and contrasting, Kate announces that she just so happens to have a sample sized NARS blush in Orgasm. And that I can (wait for it...) HAVE IT.

Okay ladies, consider my day made. Kate was laughing at me because I literally bounded across the room to hug her. Seriously, it's the little things. Anyways, I really do love this color. It almost looks like it would be too bright/pink, but it's a great shade and requires very small amounts to do the trick. And in case you were wondering, the "sample" Kate gave me is actually really good sized and will probably last a long time. I strongly recommend giving this blush a try. If you didn't know this already, Sephora will always give out samples of any of their products to try before purchasing. Yet another reason to love that place.

So many wonderful things this weekend, and my new blush was just (another) cherry on top! Thanks Kate!


*On a slightly unrelated topic, is it dinner or supper? Some of the girls were laughing because several of us refer to the meal that takes place mid day as "dinner" (instead of lunch) and the last meal as "supper" instead of dinner. Some of the ladies were joking that they couldn't attend "supper" since they had no idea what that was or what time it was at. Is this a regional situation? This doesn't necessarily make sense as most of us are from the same area. Hmmmm... random thoughts. If you have any input, please do share.

Happy Monday!

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