Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Secret Camouflage by LM

I feel the same way about concealers and foundation that I do about mascara...even though I have my absolute favorite go-to, I still always think there could maybe, just MAYBE, be something better out there. 

Well, I read a lot of positive reviews about Laura Mercier products. Many of my favorite beauty bloggers have noted it to be "their absolute favorite." If you read this blog, you know that I live and die by anything Bare Escentuals. Their products are equivalent to a first born child for me... they do no wrong in my mind. So...I always feel a little bit unfaithful when I try a different foundation/concealer. But I had to know. 

I picked the Laura Mercier-make up counter-helper-lady's mind for about 20 minutes before I decided what would be a worthy purchase. According to her, their most popular product is their "Secret Camouflage." This very helpful woman informed me that LM's motto is that your skin should "appear absolutely flawless" (hmmm..this seems unachievable) ...but ..sign me up! Anyways, she showed me the product, which looks like the below image. 
She color matched me (I ended up being a #2), and explained that you actually mix the colors (on your hand) before applying it to your skin, with a brush. The combination of the yellow tint with the pinkish tint is apparently the "secret" part of the camouflage.

As previously mentioned, I love, love, LOVE Bare Escentuals. The majority of their products are a very fine, loose, mineral powder. For that reason, I am always hesitant to try any cream based concealers or foundations. I will hand it to LM on this product.. .I have never experimented with a cream based concealer that is so lightweight, non greasy, and matte. Almost the second this product touches your skin, it is dry, and almost takes on a powdery consistency. Consider me impressed!

But, here's the disappointing (I guess?) news. I still love my Bare Escentuals the most. I can't help it. Also, this could be because of the winter conditions and the devastation that is ensuing on my skin (read: MESS), but this stuff is not working with my dry skin. The product itself is VERY drying, and so lately, when I have tried it, it doesn't really absorb well and kind of looks weird and flaky against my skin. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for a serious concealer, I would definitely consider this purchase. It will run you approximately $32, which seems a little steep, but makeup-counter-lady said her concealer lasted over a year. That's $32 dollars worth, right?! 

For the time being, it is just not a good fit for me. However, I think me and LM SC (Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, obviously) will be reuniting in approximately 4 months... when summer rolls in. 

What are your favorite concealers? Foundations? Does anyone have any MUST have LM products? Let me know...and happy Tuesday!


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