Friday, February 14, 2014

High Five for Friday!

It's Friday! And that means we are linking up with one of my favorite bloggers Lauren from From My Grey Desk blog!

This week in highlights (apologies in advance for my slightly unexciting week!)

1. On a routine Beauty First stop (I had 10 minutes before a meeting. What's  a girl to do?) I scored some half price nail polish. Nothing screams "Spring" like pretty pink pastels!  Oh, and I won't be waiting until Spring to put these to use!
L-R "Bottom's Up, "Exceptionally Gifted, and Sexy Lady"
2. Yesterday it was 56 degrees. Enough said.

3. Exciting win for Nebraska Basketball! I have been sad that I haven't made it to a game in a few weeks (work related!). The stars aligned and I had a few hours free from work AND a ticket given to me! Yay! And a great game.

4. My rediscovered love for sweet potatoes with cinnamon on them. Call me crazy, but this is practically a dessert. YUM! Also, a fun tip for a quick sweet potato (in case you do not typically eat them!) Wash, rinse, and wrap the sweet potato in a damp washcloth. Microwave for 5 minutes... and DONE. Woohoo! 

5. AND.. since it's Valentines Day.. shout out to all of my wonderful friends and family. Love you more than anything! 

Happy Friday Everyone! 


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