Friday, January 24, 2014

Singles Day - Trevor

Last year I found out about Singles Day on Kelly's Korner and absolutely was obsessed with the idea. According to her blog... NINE couples have gotten married/engaged as a result of this. NINE. That actually seems like a lot. Anyways, regardless, this is just really fun and so naturally, I want to be involved.

My single male friends are beginning to dwindle, but I harassed two of the remaining into letting me feature them on the blog. Most of you looking at this will not know me, therefore I do not expect you to trust my opinion, but here it is anyways. These guys are great. I have known both of them since before I knew how to walk, and I spend a considerable amount of time with them as well.  I cannot say enough good things about the both of them... so I will let their entries speak for themselves.

For the purpose of the link- up, I am going to do two separate blog entries.

Lincoln, NE

Alright... here are the basic facts about Trev:
Age: 27
5'9, 165 lbs
Trevor graduated from UNL and manages part of a crop dusting business.
Interests include family, friends, watching movies, a good book, concerts, being outside (though he does not consider himself to be an outdoorsmen), and sports/fitness. Trevor is an outgoing guy and currently the only girl who has him wrapped around her finger is his 18 month old niece. :)
Trevor is looking for a good Christian girl, someone who shares a few of his hobbies, but also someone with different interests so he can try new things.

So... here he is! 

The above and last pic is Trevor and I at a concert a few months ago.

 I would like to add that I really appreciate Trevor. He is such a wonderful friend to me and someone I truly enjoy spending time with. Trevor is hilarious, caring, and a great person to talk to about anything! 

So..ladies.. if you want to know more about Trevor or get in touch with him, comment on this post or send an email to 


  1. I may have the perfect gal! I have wanted to do a link up for her for a while. She has been our long time babysitter for over 9 years. She loves the Lord. She is 23, is an EMT, loves music, kids, and spending time outdoors. She is finishing up her degree at University of Iowa in Iowa City. She is from Des Moines, IA and has family in Omaha. Please email me at and I can give you her Facebook info so you can see pics!

  2. I wrote about my friend, Megan (#39 on Kelly's blog)! Check and see if you think they'd be a good fit!

  3. Hi! I am Kelly. I am a twenty something Michigan girl who loves to play sports, bake, and go on adventures. I love family, friends, God, and am seeking for that special someone! I am going to school to become and Elementary School Teacher and currently work as a Nanny and Youth Group Leader/Church School Aide at my church. Children are my biggest joy=) Feel free to contact me at

  4. Hi, Trevor sounds like a nice guy and we seem to share some common interests. I'm #124 on KK and my email is: pier426 at gmail dot com.

  5. Trevor sounds like a wonderful guy! I'm definitely interested in knowing more about him. :) Feel free to contact me or check out my blog if you're curious and would like to learn more about me :)

  6. oh my gosh. i'm obsessed with this. is this singles day still around?!

    1. haha! Yes! Kelly's Corner Blog still hosts it every year. They just had it again in February I believe. I didn't have anyone to link up this year! It's the greatest!