Monday, August 12, 2013

LiLash Fail

No, I am not saying LiLash failed. Just me. I have done an awful job keeping track of my progress. But, in case anyone cares, I can definitely tell a difference! There is a little more length there than I have ever had. I took this picture about a week and a half ago...which would make it approximately week 4 (5?) since I have started.

I apologize for the very poor quality, I took the picture with my phone and just wanted to have some sort of documentation on this lash journey (that's what we are calling it now).

In the mean time, you guys have to try this stuff..
It is weird. The white tube is a nylon extension that you apply and it looks weird and cottony. Not a good description, I know, but this is definitely better (and easier) than using false lashes. I used this the other day (in addition to my growing Lilash lashes) and couldn't believe the length! If you have every used any sort of mascara where you apply the white primer first for extension, it is a similar concept. However, this is like 5000x better. You will get some SERIOUS length out of this.

If you have a special occasion coming up and aren't feeling the fake lashes... I would try this. It's a little bit pricey (around $30)... but worth it depending on your occasion!

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