Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Top Coat Phenomenon

I am really, really excited.

Of course, it's for a lame reason. But if you read this blog on the reg, you know that some of my excitement comes from very, very small things.

I was browsing in Sally Beauty the other day and remembered my top coat was almost gone. I typically use OPI Start to Finish (which can be used as a base AND top coat). I like it, but wouldn't describe it as anything spectacular.

Anyways, I saw this while checking out the various top coats....
"Out the Door." My initial thought was that I really hated the packaging. It looks glue. I definitely wasn't drawn to it. But if you look closely enough, it does claim to be America's #1 Super Fast Drying. Hmmm (I thought to  myself). Yes, I am now including my thought commentary. I purchased it along with a bright summer color and then kind of forgot about it. Today, I was in dire need of a new color. I had 15 minutes until I needed to be out the door. What better time to test out the "fastest drying topcoat in America?"

Here comes the exciting news... IT WORKED! I have NEVER experienced anything like this. This stuff is legit. I seriously was able to touch my nails with no denting, chipping, sticking, smearing...after ONE MINUTE. That is crazy. Seriously. Five minutes later I was out the door, digging in my purse and doing other things that would typically result in ruined nails before I even got to work.

TRY THIS STUFF. If you do your own nails, it is worth it! I paid $6.95 at Sally Beauty and I would have paid more for these kind of results! Amazing!

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